Waigali language

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To be distinguished from waigali.
Native to Afghanistan
Region Nuristan Province
Native speakers
12,000  (2011)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 wbk
Glottolog waig1243[2]
Linguasphere 58-ACC-a

Waigali is a language spoken by the Nuristani people of the Waigal Valley in Afghanistan's Nuristan Province. The native name is "Waigali" refers to the dialect of the Väy people of the upper part of the Waigal Valley, centered on the town of Waigal, which is distinct from the dialect of the Čima-Nišei people who inhabit the lower valley. The word is the native ethnonym for all the speakers of the southern Nuristani languages. belongs to the Indo-European language family, and is in the southern Nuristani group of the Indo-Iranian branch. There are approximately 10,000 speakers of waigali is closely related to the Tregami language, with a lexical similarity of approximately 76% to 80% according to one estimate.


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