Telangana State Archaeology Museum

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Telangana State Archeology Museum
AP State Archaeology Museum Hyderabad.jpg
Established 1930
Location Nampally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Telangana State Archeology Museum or Hyderabad Museum is a museum located in Hyderabad, India. It is the oldest museum in Hyderabad state. Archeologist Henry Cousens first explored the site in the beginning of the 19th century, and around 1940 the mound was excavated under the supervision of Nizam of Hyderabad. The excavated items were placed in a museum built on the ancient site. In 1952, the museum's contents were moved to the current build, under the administrative control of Archaeological Survey of India.[1]


In 1930, VII Mir Osman Ail Khan, wanted to preserve the Hyderabad's state's heritage, had named the museum as Hyderabad Museum.[2]

It was named as Andhra Pradesh State Archeology Museum in 1960.[3]

Egyptian Mummy at the museum
Bust of Buddha in the Telangana State Archeology Museum


This museum's main attraction is its Egyptian mummy, which was brought in 1930 to Hyderabad by the son-in-law of VI Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan, and donated to the last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan.[4] He reportedly bought it for 1000 pounds.

There is a huge gallery on Buddha dating back to last century. The museum has a wide variety of archaeological artifacts from the Nizam, Kakatiya dynasty.


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AP State Archaeological Museum in Hyderabad.