Hyderabad Sultans

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Hyderabad Sultans
Hyderabad Sultans.jpg
Hyderabad Sultans emblem
Full name Hyderabad Sultans
Founded 2005
Dissolved 2008 [1]
Home ground Gachibowli Hockey Stadium
(Capacity 8,000)
Manager India P.Kanthaiah
Captain India Sardara Singh
League Premier Hockey League
Premier Hockey League 3rd

The Hyderabad Sultans is the Indian Premier Hockey League team from Hyderabad of royal lineage, mixing tradition with modernity, they are the progressive nawabs. The squad is captained by Sardara Singh since 2007-08 edition. They were winners of first Premier Hockey League in 2005.[2]



The club was formed on the back grounds of inaugural Premier Hockey League in year 2005. It started off with many host of hockey superstars from India and Pakistan. Sultans, led by ever-dependable Dilip Tirkey, were crowned the champions of the inaugural PHL at home.[2] At the sprawling Gachibowli sports complex, Sultans came out as a surprise packet. Dilip Tirkey was at his best along with penalty corner specialist Sohail Abbas and Waseem Ahmad who helped the team score crucial wins with their combined moves in the first year. Sohail Abbas, along with Len Aiyappa of Hi-Fliers, became the joint top-scorers of the league.[3][4]

Loss of form and Players Exodus (2006-2007)[edit]

In the second year too, Hyderabad Sultans played well and were in contention for the final berth even playing without star performers of 2005, Waseem Ahmad who left the team in 2006 but were edged out by Bangalore Lions on goal average. They won five out of the eight matches and had 13 points, just one less than the table toppers Chandigarh Dynamos and so Hyderabad Sultans finished third in league.[5] In the third year, Hyderabad Sultans failed miserably winning just one match in the new format. They also lost their skipper Dilip Tirkey and many experienced players who joined Orissa Steelers as they were promoted to the Premier Division. Sultans ended at the bottom of table that season avoiding relegation as second division was scrapped.[6]

Current (2008-present)[edit]

In the season of 2008 young Sardara Singh led the team. Saradara Singh along with his brother Didar Singh were the only experienced stars in the team but it had talented youngsters in Bikas Toppo and Pawal Lakra, who were capable of making inroads into any defence. They also depended on how K.M.Chengappa and Nitin Kumar help their forwards Didar Singh and Sardara Singh. The team had an emerging drag-flicker in Diwakar Ram, who carried the team's burden during the short corners. The player to watch out were upcoming Promod Kumar, who was the fulcrum of the team. Adnan Maqsood and Kamran Ahmed were the foreign players along with Dutch goalkeeper Oscar Ter Weeme. The team also had a new coach in Madhukaran who was assisted by Alphonse Lazarus and they finished their campiange by finishing fourth in league, qualifying for play-off where they lost to Chandigarh Dynamos.[7][8][9]

Gachibowli Hockey Stadium[edit]

Gachibowli Hockey Stadium is a field hockey stadium at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is the home of the Hyderabad Sultans of the Premier Hockey League. It has a seating capacity of 8,000 people.

Hyderabad Sultans Season By Season Performance[edit]


Season Played Won Draw Lost ET-W ET-L GF GA GD Points position
2005 8 6 0 2 - - 24 17 7 19 Champions
2006 8 5 0 3 - - 10 9 1 13 Third
2007 12 1 0 9 1 1 11 26 -15 6 Seventh
2008 6 3 0 2 1 0 11 7 4 11 Fourth


First-Team Squad[edit]

As of PHL 4 - 2008.[10]

Name Country
Sardara Singh (Captain) India
Dinesh Ekka India
Samir Baxla India
Jasbir Singh India
Diwakar Ram India
Johnson Ekka India
Anand Tirkey India
Nitin Kumar India
Didar Singh India
Pramod Kumar India
Bikas Toppo India
Pawal Lakra India
Veer Singh India
Kulbhushan India
K.M. Chengappa India
Kamran Ahmed Pakistan
Adnan Maqsood Pakistan
Oscar ter Weeme (Goal Keeper) Netherlands

Note: List of player is obtained from PHL website. The list might change in the near future.

Other Important Team Personnels

Former Players[edit]


Former players
Name Career Country
Dilip Tirkey 2005–2006 India
S Rajasekhar 2005 India
Inderjeet Singh Chadha 2005 India
Ajitesh Rai 2005–2007 India
Harsha Vardhan 2005 India
Chandan Singh 2005 India
Suresh 2005 India
Lazarus Barla 2005–2006 India
Sameer Dad 2005–2006 India
Cyril Ekka 2005 India
Sreejesh 2005 India
Nitya Jayanand 2005–2006 India
Susan Topno 2005 India
Devesh Chauhan 2006–2007 India
Nitin Kumar 2006–Present India
Johnson Ekka 2006–Present India
Former Players
Name Career Country
Prabhakar Singh 2006 India
Amit Srivastava 2006 India
Vikram Pillay 2006–2007 India
Veer Singh 2006 and 2008 India
M A Aleem 2006 India
Devender Pal Singh 2006 India
Pekrelo 2007 India
M. Nagraj 2007 India
Saranjeet Singh 2007 India
Didar Singh 2007–present India
Sardara Singh 2007–Present India
Vivek Gupta 2007 India
Rajinder Singh 2007 India
Md. Amir Hayat 2007 India
Diwakar Ram 2007–Present India
Baljit Singh Chandi 2007–Present India

Goal Keepers[edit]


Dates Name Country
2005 Suresh India
2005 Ahmed Alam Pakistan
2006 Salman Akbar Pakistan
2006–2007 Devesh Chauhan India
2007 Pfkerlo India
2008 Oscar ter Weeme Netherlands

Club Captains[edit]


Dates Name Country
2005–2006 Dilip Tirkey India
2007 Devesh Chauhan India
2008–Present Sardara Singh India

International Players[edit]


International Players
Name Career Country
Waseem Ahmad 2005 Pakistan
Ahmed Alam 2005 Pakistan
Sohail Abbas 2005 Pakistan
Salman Akbar 2006 Pakistan
Jorge Lombi 2006 Argentina
Shakeel Abbasi 2006–2007 Pakistan
International Players
Name Career Country
Ramon Alegre 2007 Spain
Sebastian Westerhout 2007 Netherlands
Tariq Aziz 2007 Pakistan
Kamran Ahmed 2008 Pakistan
Adnan Maqsood 2008 Pakistan
Oscar ter Weeme 2008 Netherlands

Club Officials[edit]

Coaching And Medical Staff[edit]


Chief Coach History[edit]


Dates Name Country
2005 Narendra Pal Singh India
2006 Madhukaran India
2007 Mukesh Kumar N India
2008–Present Madhukaran Second Time India


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