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International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad logo.png
Former name
Indian Institute of Information Technology
MottoWe must know. We will know.[1]
TypePrivate technical university[2]
Deemed University
Established1998; 24 years ago (1998)
AffiliationUGC, NAAC,[3] AICTE[4]
ChairmanRaj Reddy
DirectorP. J. Narayanan[5]
Location, ,
17°26′44″N 78°20′59″E / 17.4456°N 78.3497°E / 17.4456; 78.3497Coordinates: 17°26′44″N 78°20′59″E / 17.4456°N 78.3497°E / 17.4456; 78.3497
CampusUrban; 66 acres (270,000 m2)
Colors  Dark Cerulean
NicknameIIITians, Hyderabad-IIITians
MascotJagruti – The Banyan Tree[7]

The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT Hyderabad or IIIT-H) is a prestigious private deemed university[8] located in Hyderabad, Telangana, established in 1998 under a Not-for-Profit Public Private Partnership, laying focus on Information Technology and other fields such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Computer Aided Structural Engineering and their interdisciplinary applications across other domains.[1][9] The institute counts around 1800 students and over 85 faculty members. The institute is ranked amongst the top research universities in the country, computed based on publications in CS-related areas. IIIT Hyderabad is widely popular for its coding culture, with students frequently making it to the ACM ICPC World Finals.[10][11][12] The admission to the single-degree (B-Tech) programs is done through the Joint Entrance Examination – Main.[13][14] Admission for the dual-degree programs is done through the institute's own research-oriented examination[15] and olympiads such as the International Olympiad on Informatics (IOI).[16]


IIIT Hyderabad was set up in 1998 under the public private partnership model by Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and NASSCOM,[17] with the state government supplying a grant of land and buildings.[18] As special officer for IIIT Hyderabad and Secretary IT for the state government, Ajay Prakash Sawhney was responsible for shaping the conceptual model and overseeing initial development of the institute.[19][20] Prof. Rajeev Sangal, former director of Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi designed the syllabus and served as the first director of the institute until 10 April 2013.[21]

The institution was founded under the name of Indian Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad as a foundation for the 20 Indian Institutes of Information Technology under same model which was later renamed to International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad in 2001 when it attained a status of Deemed University.[1]

IIIT Hyderabad Main Entrance Signage


Academic blocks

IIIT Hyderabad is located 19 kilometres (12 mi) west of Hyderabad city. The area of the institute campus is 66 acres (approx. 267,000 m2). This land was allotted by Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1998. Four buildings house the corporate schools and research centers. In addition to this, the academic building has the lecture halls, workspaces, teaching labs, computer and electronics labs and offices of the administration and faculty. The building complexes are named after the mountain ranges; Nilgiri, Vindhya and Himalaya. Campus also has incubators, research centers, library, auditorium and an amphitheatre which hosts multiple cultural events and college festivals. The campus also hosts many companies and startups.[22]

Football ground behind Nilgiri

Due to its proximity to Sports Authority of Telangana State (SATS) and G.M.C Balayogi Athletic Stadium, the campus has access to various sports facilities. Apart from this, the campus has swimming pool; football, hockey, and cricket grounds; and tennis, badminton, basketball, and volleyball courts. In addition to these facilities, the campus is also a host to an elementary school called Sanskaar Campus School.[23]

Students undertaking research can access computational facilities. All notices and information are sent over the campus email. From couriers to mess registration, everything is notified via specific portals (internal sites).

A passage during Fall
Pond at IIIT Hyderabad
Sunset at IIIT Hyderabad


IIIT-H hosts T-Hub,[24] a business incubator. It was established in collaboration with Telangana State Government, Indian School of Business and National Academy of Legal Studies and Research. It aims to provide a supportive environment, along with financial and mentorship support to new startups and companies in the technology sector. In 2019 it raised more than 180 million dollars of funding.,[25] In 2017, the CEO of T-Hub announced the successful development of India's fourth fastest supercomputer (after Indian Institute of Science, IIT Delhi and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research).[26]

Art on campus[edit]

The walls of the barricades, and the buildings in the campus are painted over by the students during the college fest, and sometimes during some other special event.


IIIT-H has five hostels (three for boys and two for girls):[27]

  • Palash Nivas (Old Boys Hostel): Generally allotted to undergraduate students from second-year onwards and first-year postgraduate students. It is attached to North and South Mess.
Old Boys Hostel (OBH)
  • New Boys Hostel (NBH): Allotted to postgraduate seniors and research students pursuing M.S. or PhD. It is attached to Yuktahar mess and non-vegetarian Kadamba Mess.
  • Bakul Nivas: Allotted to undergraduate juniors and second-year postgraduate students.
    Bakul Nivas
  • Old Parijaat Nivas: Allotted to third and fourth-year girls.
  • New Parijaat Nivas (New Girls Hostel): Allotted to first, second and third-year girls. Both girls' hostels have separate gates. All students are provided with hostel rooms and it is compulsory to live on-campus. First-year and second-year students who have enrolled in a bachelor's or dual-degree program are required to share rooms (double occupancy) whereas, from the third-year onward, the students have single occupancy.[28] The institute has a guest house with four air-conditioned suites. Two hostels for men and one for women have a total of about 1200 rooms. An optical fiber network connects all campus buildings including the hostels.

Governing council[edit]

The institute is governed by a governing council, which is currently headed by Turing Award laureate Raj Reddy. Other notable members are Turing Award laureate Vint Cerf and Narendra Ahuja.[29] Day-to-day operation is managed by a Director, currently P. J. Narayanan, assisted by a dean of research and a dean of academics.[29]


IIIT Hyderabad offers courses of study under following departments:[30]

  • Computer Applications and Information Technology
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Sciences
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The institute offers undergraduate, postgraduate and dual degree programs for Monsoon (July to November) and Spring (January to April) semesters. Undergraduate programs award either Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) or B.Tech. (Honors) in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering (dis-continued) with courses in engineering, sciences, mathematics and humanities, while postgraduate programs award either Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Computer Aided Structural Engineering, Computer Science and Information Security, Master of Science (MS) or Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Computational Linguistics. Dual degree Programs award B.Tech. + MS by Research. The Dual Degrees offer MS in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computational Natural Science, Building sciences [MS in specialized courses of civil], Bioinformatics, Computational Linguistics and Exact Humanities (dis-continued) along with a BTech in Computer Science. Doctoral Programs award part-time and full-time Ph.D. degrees and post-graduate diplomas in Spatial Informatics, Cognitive Science and other fields mentioned above.

The undergraduate students have a flexible academic structure where they can select their courses and projects. These students are also allowed to participate in ongoing research and development.[31]

Vindhya C6
Main building (Nilgiri)

IIIT Hyderabad also offers Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, US.[32]

In 2003, IIIT Hyderabad launched Research Exchange Program for Ph.D. students in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Berkeley and various other institutions.[33]

Recently, IIIT-H introduced a semester-long course on flexible electronics. It involves application of high-level electronics and material science. The course is considered unique because it provides an overview of building of a silicon processor.[34]


Admission to undergraduate programs is based on one of five acceptance modes: Joint Entrance Examination (Main) (JEE (Main)), the institute's own Undergraduate Engineering Entrance Examination (UGEE) and interview, representing India in the International Olympiads during class XI and XII (including International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), International Physics Olympiad (IPhO), International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), International Biology Olympiad (IBO), International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO), International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) / Paninian Linguistics Olympiad (PLO), Direct Admissions for Students Abroad (DASA) and lateral entry admissions to dual-degree programs through Lateral Entry Entrance Examination (LEEE) and interview.[35]

Admissions for postgraduate studies are on the basis of the Postgraduate Entrance Exam (PGEE) conducted by IIIT Hyderabad. Admissions to the MSIT programme run at this institute are based on a test conducted every year from April to May.[36]


University and college rankings
General – international
Times (World) (2021)[37]601–800
General – India
NIRF (Overall) (2020)[38]101–150
NIRF (Universities) (2020)[39]78
Engineering – India
NIRF (2020)[40]43
Outlook India (2019)[41]16

Internationally, IIIT Hyderabad is ranked among 451-500 for Computer Science and Information Systems subject in QS World University Rankings for 2021.[42] It was ranked among top 10 universities in South Asia by Cybermetrics Lab, Spain's largest public research institution.[43] It was ranked 147 in the world and 34 in Asia for Computer Science and research publications in the period 2005–2020.[44]

It was ranked 78th among universities in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2020,[39] 43rd among engineering colleges[40] and in the 101–150 band overall.[38]

Among engineering colleges, IIIT Hyderabad ranked 16th by Outlook India in 2019.[41] It was ranked 4th among engineering colleges by Dataquest India in 2019. The same rankings ranked it 3rd in government engineering colleges in 2019.[45]

Drone View of T-Hub and research centers


  • IASNLP (IIIT Hyderabad Advanced Summer School on NLP) is an annual two-week school on natural language processing with lectures and project guidance by internationally renowned researchers in the area.
  • Robocamp is a national level robotics workshop conducted by IIIT Hyderabad Robotics Club (IRC) every summer since 2006. In 2011 one of the workshops was organised by the second year students of IRC.[46][47]
  • Tech Ease, a national workshop for students and professionals on innovation, design and user experience, was organised in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  • R & D Showcase is the research and project exhibition showcasing the research work and projects carried out in the institute.[48][49]
  • ExOR (Excitement of Research) encourages students to take up research in academics and in career.

Research and development centers[edit]

IIIT-H hosts 26 research and development centers and has collaborations with research universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University (for MSIT program).[50]

IIIT Hyderabad will be setting up a Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) on data driven technologies with a funding of 110 crore (US$14 million) from Department of Science and Technology.[51]

IIIT Hyderabad has 26 research and development centers. They are listed below on the basis of their research focus.[52]


  • Kohli Center on Intelligent Systems (KCIS)
  • Smart City Research Center (SCRC)
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Centre (INAI)


  • Signal Processing and Communications Research Center (SPCRC)
  • Data Sciences and Analytics Center (DSAC)
  • Language Technologies Research Center (LTRC)
  • Robotics Research Center (RRC)
  • Center for Security, Theory and Algorithms (CSTAR)
  • Software Engineering Research Center (SERC)
  • Center for Visual Information Technology (CVIT)
  • Center for VLSI and Embedded Systems Technology (CVEST)
  • Computer Systems Group (CSG)
  • Machine Learning Lab

Domain Specific Centers[edit]

  • IT for Agricultural and Rural Development (ITARD)
  • Center for IT in Building Science (CBS)
  • Cognitive Science (CogSci)
  • Center for Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics (CCNSB)
  • Earthquake Engineering Research Center (EERC)
  • Center for IT in Education (CITE)
  • Human Sciences Research Group (HSRG)
  • Center for Education Technology and Learning Science (CETLS)
  • Lab for Spatial Informatics (LSI)
  • Research Center for e-Governance

Development Centers[edit]

  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)
  • Center for Open Software (COS)
  • Human Values Cell

Student life[edit]

With about 1,800 students, IIIT Hyderabad has cultural and athletic activities throughout the year. The students are divided into four houses upon their intake in the college: Agni, Akash, Prithvi and Vayu. All cultural and sports competitions are based around the house system where the houses battle it out for the top position. They have access to gymnasium with personal trainers and all other facilities on-campus.

IIIT-H has various student bodies and clubs. Undergraduate students get a chance to volunteer for National Service Scheme (NSS) which aims to inculcate social values in students. Volunteers work to provide a better lifestyle to everyone who is needy. They also provide help to the regions affected by natural disasters by raising funds, providing essential resources such as food, money, clothes. Students learn how to live good life when there is scarcity of resources.[53]


A concert at Felicity

Felicity is IIIT's annual techno cultural fest. This three day spectacle is held at the beginning of the spring semester and is the highlight of the year. The fest is kickstarted with the 'Felicity Inaugurals' hosted by the students at IIIT, with comedy skits, dance performances and music performances spanning a variety of genres. The next two days are followed with numerous coding contests, inter-college debates, dance sessions, many quizzes, robot races, stunt shows and hackathons. The fest ends with a music concert on the last night, performed by some of the most popular artists of the country. Bands such as the Indian Ocean and The Local Train have headlined Felicity in the past.[54]

Apex Body[edit]

Apex is an official student welcoming body whose objective is to help the administration in handling the logistics for the admission process, creating and implementing an induction schedule for freshers (special activities during the first few weeks), ensuring a smooth transition of freshers into the college, mentoring the freshers, etc. There is an undergraduate as well as postgraduate Apex body. Undergraduate Apex consists of students from the third and fourth year and Postgraduate Apex consists of one student from each branch. New apex members are selected each year by faculty and current apex members.[55]


Entrepreneurship Cell, IIIT Hyderabad is a non-profit organization run by students and has been established with the objective of creating, manifesting and guiding the entrepreneurial spirit in the student community and to encourage them to be successful entrepreneurs. The organization aims to build an ecosystem where networking and knowledge sharing can happen. Several events, seminars and workshops are conducted by E-cell both for students of IIIT and other institutes. Currently, the organization consists of a team of around 50 members divided into 12 sub teams.[56]

Cricket grounds at IIIT Hyderabad campus

Ping! - Student magazine of IIIT-H[edit]

Students run an independent media body called Ping![57] Content ranges from creative writing to journalistic pieces on campus issues. It was founded in 2009.[58]

Controversy surrounding an article related to ragging[59][60] pushed the editors, also student members of Anti Ragging Committee of that year, to take the Ping website outside the IIIT domain because they did not follow the confidential policy of being members of ARC (Anti Ragging Committee), and to explore independent funding sources.[61]

Clubs, Groups and Societies[edit]

The institute hosts numerous clubs that are active throughout the year and conduct several events and meetings to cater to the specific interest groups. The list of currently active clubs and societies include:[62]

  • Amateur Sports Enthusiasts Club (ASEC)
  • Art Society
  • Astronomy Club
  • Chess club
  • Campus Canine Management Cell (CCC)
  • Dance Crew
  • Debate Society (DebSoc)
  • Decore Club
  • Developer's Student Club (DSC)
  • Dramatics Club
  • Economics, Finance, and investment club (EFI)
  • Frivolous Humorous Club (FHC)
  • Gaming Club
  • Hacking Club
  • Literary club (Lit Club)
  • Music Club
  • Open-Source development group (OSDG)
  • Pentaprism: The Photography Club
  • Programming Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Theory Group
  • TV Room Quiz Club

Notable faculty[edit]

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