Abu Nuwas (crater)

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Abu Nuwas
Abu Nuwas crater.png
Black and white illustration of an area on Mercury including Abu Nuwas, from Mariner 10 imagery.
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 17°24′N 20°24′W / 17.4°N 20.4°W / 17.4; -20.4Coordinates: 17°24′N 20°24′W / 17.4°N 20.4°W / 17.4; -20.4
Diameter 116 km

Abu Nuwas is an impact crater on the planet Mercury, 116 kilometers in diameter. It is located at 17.4°N, 20.4°W. It is named after the Arab poet Abu Nuwas, and its name was approved by the International Astronomical Union in 1976.[1] There appears to be a small mountain centered inside the Abu Nuwas floor, and the crater's wall opens toward the south to link to a much smaller, unnamed crater. To the north are the craters Ts'ai Wen-chi and Rodin. To the southwest is the crater Moliere, and the crater Aśvaghosa can be found toward the south.[2]


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