Abedin (crater)

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Planet Mercury
Coordinates 61°42′N 10°12′W / 61.7°N 10.2°W / 61.7; -10.2Coordinates: 61°42′N 10°12′W / 61.7°N 10.2°W / 61.7; -10.2
Diameter 110 km
Eponym Zainul Abedin

Abedin is a crater on Mercury. It is named after the Bangladeshi Painter Zainul Abedin.[1] It exhibits a complex crater structure with a smooth floor, wall terraces, and a central peak complex. The chains of smaller craters surrounding Abedin are secondary craters formed by ejecta from the initial impact. The northwestern section of Abedin's continuous ejecta blanket appears to have a lower reflectance than the rest of the material adjacent to the crater rim. This pattern suggests that the darker material resided at some depth beneath the northwestern portion of the pre-impact target area and was excavated and redeposited during the crater's formation.[2]


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