Sholem Aleichem (crater)

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Sholem Aleichem
EN0108821596M Sholem Aleichem crater on Mercury.png
MESSENGER photo of Sholem Aleichem
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 51°00′N 56°30′W / 51°N 56.5°W / 51; -56.5Coordinates: 51°00′N 56°30′W / 51°N 56.5°W / 51; -56.5
Diameter 190 km
Eponym Sholom Aleichem

Sholem Aleichem is a crater on Mercury, named after the Yiddish writer.[1] The plains deposits filling the crater's interior have been deformed by linear ridges.[2]


MESSENGER imaging Mercury's surface hollows at Sholem Aleichem.[3]