Amaral (crater)

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Coordinates26°24′S 242°18′W / 26.4°S 242.3°W / -26.4; -242.3Coordinates: 26°24′S 242°18′W / 26.4°S 242.3°W / -26.4; -242.3
Diameter106 km
EponymTarsila do Amaral

Amaral is a crater on the planet Mercury. With its smooth floor, surrounding ejecta, and small secondary craters, it appears noticeably younger than the heavily cratered surface around it. Along with a smooth crater floor, Amaral also has a central peak. Bright material on this peak is of particular interest as it appears to have an unusual color. In color-enhanced images, the central peak of Amaral appears as a bright blue color in striking contrast to the otherwise orange tones of surface material nearby. The different color of the central peak likely indicates rocks with different chemical composition from those on the neighboring surface.[1]


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