Alfa Romeo G1

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Alfa Romeo G1
Alfa romeo g1 limousine.jpg
Manufacturer Alfa Romeo
Production 1921-1923
Assembly Portello, Milan, Italy
Designer Giuseppe Merosi
Body and chassis
Class Luxury car
Body style Spider Corsa
Layout FR layout
Engine 6,330 cc I6 sidevalve 70 bhp
Transmission 4-speed manual with reverse gear
Wheelbase 3,400 mm (130 in)
Length 4,494 mm (176.9 in)
Curb weight 1500 kg (3306 lbs)
Predecessor A.L.F.A 40/60 HP
Successor Alfa Romeo RL

The Alfa Romeo G1 was the first all-new design from Alfa Romeo after the end of the A.L.F.A. brand. Giuseppe Merosi, while engaged in a legal dispute with Nicola Romeo regarding the brand takeover conditions, designed the update for the prewar 24HP into the revised 20/30ES and the new luxury G1.[1] The chassis was lengethened and stiffened from the 1914 40-60 HP model, entering into market territory competition with Rolls-Royce. A new 6.3 L (384 cu in) straight-6 engine was introduced, producing 70 bhp (52 kW) and 216 lb⋅ft (293 N⋅m) of torque.[2] The G1 achieved a maximum speed of 86 miles per hour (138 km/h), winning its production class at the Coppa del Garda race.[2] Total production was only 52 copies; it found virtually no customers in Italy and all 50 (bar 2 prototypes) found their way to Australia. Only one known survivoir exists; is owned by New Zealand's Alfa importer and is the oldest surviving Alfa Romeo-branded car.[3][4]

The Alfa Romeo G2, a planned improved version, was never produced after the commercial failure of the G1.


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