Alfa Romeo Mille (truck)

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Alfa Romeo Mille
TypeHeavy commercial vehicle
ManufacturerAlfa Romeo
Also calledAlfa Romeo 1000
FNM 180
Body and chassis
Body styleLorry
Tractor unit
LayoutFront-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Engine11 L I6 (diesel)
Transmission8-speed manual
PredecessorAlfa Romeo 950

The Alfa Romeo Mille is an eight-ton forward control lorry produced by Alfa Romeo between 1958 and 1964. It was the last Alfa Romeo heavy commercial vehicle.[1]

The model was fitted with a 11,050 cc (674 cu in) inline-six diesel engine,[1] which produced between 163–174 hp (122–130 kW), and a gearbox with eight forward speeds. For the time, Alfa Romeo Mille was one of the most innovative trucks.[2] Alfa Romeo built the Mille in a rear-wheel drive 4x2 configuration. The Mille could carry eight metric tons of cargo in the bed and a tow up to 18 tons; a fifth wheel tractor unit version was also made, rated for a 26.2 ton towing capacity.[1] Independent firms offered conversion to three or four axles by adding one or two dead axles, steerable or fixed; maximum bed payload went up respectively to over 10 or 13 tons.[1] Italian Bartoletti made a car transporter version of the Mille in 1963, which could carry up to eight cars on two levels of the car and trailer.[3] There was also special Mille "Motori Aviazione" made for transportation of aircraft engines made by Alfa Romeo.[4]

In 1956, production license of the Mille was acquired by the Brazilian company Fábrica Nacional de Motores. FNM continued production these trucks under its own brand until 1980[2] with the name FNM 180 series.[5]


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