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The American College of Orgonomy (ACO) is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization located near Princeton, New Jersey, that is devoted to setting and maintaining standards for work in the field of orgonomy, the science developed by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.

The College conducts a postgraduate medical orgonomy training program for qualified physicians and psychiatrists. Medical orgonomists offer a unique form of treatment that is based on a scientific understanding of the connection between the mind and the body. This approach effectively treats a wide range of emotional illnesses, usually without medication.

Elsworth F. Baker, M.D., a psychiatrist who trained and worked with Dr. Reich, founded the ACO in 1968. Reich, a student and colleague of Sigmund Freud, discovered that all living things contain an energy that he called, “orgone energy.” He originated the science of orgonomy based on his scientific observations. Today, this science informs an energetic understanding and approach to psychiatry, medicine, biology, the physical and social sciences, and atmospheric environmental research.

The ACO also offers its Social Orgonomy Training Program which applies orgonomic principles to the social realm. In addition to its professional educational programs, the College sponsors conferences, a speakers’ bureau, lectures, and laboratory courses for professional and interested laymen. The ACO conducts and supports basic and applied research, publishes the Journal of Orgonomy, a newsletter, and is a source for books about orgonomy. Website


The American College of Orgonomy, Princeton NJ

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