Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture

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Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture
Established 1967 (1967)
Location Azerbaijan, Baku, Rashid Behbudov Street 5
Collection size more than 20,000
Website Museum website

The Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture (Azerbaijani: Azərbacan Musiqi Mədəniyyət Dövlət Muzeyi) was opened in 1967, in Baku. The goal of the museum is the collection, storage, investigation and popularization of materials related to the musical history of Azerbaijan.[1][2]


The museum has a collection size of more than 20,000. Among these exhibits are musical instruments such as the tar, kamancha, saz, qaval, qoshanaghara, zurna, and ney, and are rare instruments including the asa-tar and asa-saz. The collection also includes gramophones, portable gramophones and gramophone records, and archives of opera singers such as H.Sarabski, F.Mukhtarov, M.Bagirov and others are included in this museum. In addition, there are music manuscripts, personal belongings, records, posters, programs, photos, works of visual arts, notes, and books in the collection.[3]

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