Istiglaliyyat Street

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Istiglaliyyat Street
İsmailiyyə palace common.JPG
Maintained byCity of Baku
Length2.2 km[1] (1.4 mi)
LocationSabail raion
South endGulustan Palace
Northeast endAziz Aliyev Street

Istiglaliyyat Street (Azerbaijani: Istiqlaliyyət küçəsi) is an arterial road in the central uptown part of Baku, Azerbaijan. It begins at Gulustan Palace, located on the southern hillside part of Baku, and continues north, then northeast, terminating at the intersection of Aziz Aliyev and Mammad Amin Rasulzade Streets at the edge of Fountains Square.

Overview of the street[edit]

Istiglaliyyat is one of the oldest streets of Baku. The former names of the street were "Nikolayevskaya", honoring the Russian tsar Nikolay I during Russian imperial rule, "Parlamentskaya" after the revolution, and "Kommunisticheskaya" during Soviet rule. After the restoration of Azerbaijan's independence in 1991, the street was renamed to "Istiglaliyyat", which means "Sovereignty" in Azerbaijani. It stretches for 2.2 kilometres (1.4 mi). Due to its location in the historic district, it is considered one of the most beautiful parts of Baku. There are many government offices, universities, shops, boutiques, and restaurants on the street.

Notable buildings and monuments located on Istiglaliyyat Street[edit]

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