Baku Ferris Wheel

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Baku Ferris Wheel
Şeytan Çarxı.jpg
The Baku Ferris Wheel in 15 February 2016
General information
TypeFerris wheel
LocationBaku, Azerbaijan
Coordinates40°21′17″N 49°50′15″E / 40.354717°N 49.837584°E / 40.354717; 49.837584Coordinates: 40°21′17″N 49°50′15″E / 40.354717°N 49.837584°E / 40.354717; 49.837584
Construction startedSeptember 2013[1]
Completed31 January 2015
Opened10 March 2014 (first passengers carried)
12 March 2014 (opened to general public)
Cost€350 million
Height60 metres (197 ft)

Baku Ferris Wheel, also known as the Baku Eye[2][3][4] and Devil's Wheel (Azerbaijani: Şeytan çarxı), is a ferris wheel on Baku Boulevard in the Seaside National Park of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.The wheel was built by the Dutch company Dutch Wheels.[5] It was opened on 10 March 2014 by the Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev,[1] and opened to the public two days later.[6]

The wheel is 60 metres (200 ft) tall and has 30 cabins, each holding eight people. It makes a complete turn in 30 to 40 minutes.[6] The cabinets of the Ferris Wheel are equipped with conditioners. Small monitors have been set up so that passengers can spend their time entertaining. There are totally 30 cabinets which are intended for 8 people each. 2 of them are VIP cabinets which are for 4 people. The doors of the attraction are opened and closed in a centralized manner in order to ensure safety. At the same time, with this purpose all the cabinets are covered with transparent glass constructions. There are special ladders for each cabinet, which is designed to facilitate the evacuation of passengers in the case of any malfunction in the attraction. Users of "Satan's Ride" have the opportunity to gaze the Baku Bay, the Flag Square, the Crystal Hall and the whole city.


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