Mosque of the Martyrs

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Shahids’ Mosque
Location Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan
Established Beginning of the 1990s
Architectural information
Style Ottoman architecture

The Mosque of the Martyrs (Azerbaijani: Şəhidlər məscidi), also popularly known as the Turkish Mosque,[1] is a mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan, near the Martyrs' Lane. The mosque was built in the beginning of the 1990s with assistance of the Turkish government.[2] The mosque currently is used as an official residence of religious attaché of the Turkish embassy.[2] The mosque has been under construction since 2009.[2]

The 154th ayah from Al-Baqara chapter of Quran is written on the façade of the mosque in Arabic and Turkish:

“Do not say “Dead!” about those, who died for the sake of Allah. No, they are alive! But you do not feel.”


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Coordinates: 40°21′30″N 49°49′40″E / 40.35833°N 49.82778°E / 40.35833; 49.82778