Bashir, Iraq

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Arabic: قرية بشير‎‎
Turkish: Beşir
Bashir is located in Iraq
Location in Iraq
Coordinates: 35°14′47″N 44°16′33″E / 35.24639°N 44.27583°E / 35.24639; 44.27583Coordinates: 35°14′47″N 44°16′33″E / 35.24639°N 44.27583°E / 35.24639; 44.27583
Country  Iraq
Governorate Kirkuk Governorate
District Kirkuk District

Bashir (Arabic: قرية بشير‎‎, Turkish: Beşir alternate spellings include Beşiir Kasabasi, Beshir, Bushariya and Bayshir) is a Shia Turkmen[1] village in Iraq south of Kirkuk. The village was captured by ISIL in June 2014.[2] It was reportedly recaptured by pro-Iraqi government forces on 1 May 2016.[3]

Bashiri, along with Altun Kupri, Amerli, Bustamli, Mahalabiyah, Qarah Tappah, Sulaiman Bek, Tal Afar, Taza Khurmatu, Tuz Khormato, and Yankjah, make up the largest Turkmen-majority cities in Iraq, while Mosul, Kirkuk, Kifri, Daquq, Muqdadiyah, Jalawla, and Saadiyah have significant Turkmen minority populations.

Policemen from the Bashir Police Station, man a checkpoint outside of the city, Sept. 21, during a time traditionally known as Bayram, where Turkmen in the community celebrate the end of Ramadan for three days. Policemen at the station increased security during the celebration to ensure the safety of the city's residents.