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Biringan city is said to be located somewhere south of the municipality of Catarman

Biringan is a mythical city that is said to invisibly lie between Gandara, Tarangnan, and Pagsanghan in Samar province of the Philippines. Biringan means "The Black City" or The Invisible City in Waray, the local dialect, for “hanapan ng mga nawawala” – where one finds the lost.


Biringan city is located in Pangsanghan, Samar

The city is said to be located in Samar. It is also designated as a barangay of Pagsanghan, Samar. According to the local folklore, the population of Biringan comprises supernatural beings: the Engkantos ("enchanted beings"), and their progeny with the humans.[1] The engkantos are described as shapechangers who can take human form. In their human form, they are said to lack a philtrum between their nose and lips.[2]

Paranormal claims[edit]

A small number of people claim to have seen the city. Some seafarers have claim to have seen a "dazzling city of light" on moonless nights, for a few minutes.[1] They have described it as a beautiful city with high-rise buildings and other magnificent structures equipped with advanced technology[citation needed]. According to folk stories, most of the people who claim to have seen the city have been the victims of demon possessions.[3]

There were reports of satellite images from a Japanese company that allegedly show brightly lit tracts of lands in the region, which led the Japanese to believe that there are rich deposits of gold and uranium in the suspected area. They began work immediately, setting up a big work site in the town of San Jorge, but mysterious accidents and mishaps plagued the project from the start forcing the Japanese company to shut down operation and abandon the project completely in an effort to avoid bankruptcy and cut their losses.[4][better source needed]


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