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Butter Project
A Streaming Tech Playground
A Streaming Tech Playground
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Written in HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Operating system Linux, OS X, Windows, Android
Platform Node.js
Available in 44 languages
Website butterproject.org

Butter Project or simply Butter is a suite of open source desktop and mobile applications that allow video-streaming over the BitTorrent protocol.[1] The project was first made public on 23 October 2015.[2] The aim is to create a completely legal base which other applications can use to provide streaming functionality.[2]

Butter Project was created as a split from Popcorn Time when the latter met legal difficulties — with Butter Project aiming to retain development of only expressly legal and permissible portions of the code-base, relating to video-streaming. The developers have asserted Butter Project will not use any of the popcorntime.io infrastructure.[3] Butter Project is not aimed at allowing copyright infringement, but aims to build the groundworks for streaming video over BitTorrent.[4] By having a legal portion which remains on GitHub the creators hope they can get more developers involved.[4]

By default Butter can play content from VODO which carries free videos, but will also be configurable to allow for custom sources of video.[5]


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