Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System

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The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) is a system being developed by NASA with the aim of improving hurricane forecasting by better understanding the interactions between the sea and the air near the core of a storm. In June 2012 NASA sponsored the project with $152 million with the University of Michigan leading its development.[1] [2] Other participants in CYGNSS' development include the Southwest Research Institute of Texas, Surrey Satellite Technology of Colorado and NASA Ames Research Center.[3] The plan is to build a constellation of eight micro-satellites that can be launched into low Earth orbit.[2] [4] The program plans to launch in three years and then observe two hurricane seasons.[5] NASA plans to carry the satellites in a single launch vehicle.[6] CYGNSS is the second of NASA's Earth Venture-class missions (a part of the NASA Pathfinder program), but the first one that is spaceborne;[3] the previous EV-1 grant was divided among five airborne remote sensing missions. CYGNSS is slated to be launched in October 2016[7] for a five-year run.[8]


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