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Calico Dome Ahmedabad
Calico Dome
General information
StatusUnder reconstruction
Architectural styleModern architecture
AddressRelief Road
Town or cityAhmedabad
Coordinates23°1′42″N 72°35′30″E / 23.02833°N 72.59167°E / 23.02833; 72.59167Coordinates: 23°1′42″N 72°35′30″E / 23.02833°N 72.59167°E / 23.02833; 72.59167
RenovatedOngoing since January 2013
ClientCalico Mills
OwnerCalico Mills (past) and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (present)
Technical details
Structural systemGeodesic dome
Floor area12 square metres (130 sq ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectGautam Sarabhai, inspired by Buckminster Fuller

The Calico Dome was a geodesic dome at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India inspired from designs of Buckminster Fuller. It was a combined showroom and shop for Calico Mills and was inaugurated in 1962. It later collapsed and as of 2013 is being reconstructed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.


American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright created a design for an administrative office for Calico Mills, but it was not constructed as Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation did not give permission. Later on the same site, the Calico Dome was constructed.[1]

Gautam Sarabhai and his team designed the Calico Dome, inspired by Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes. The dome housed the showroom and shop for Calico Mills, which opened in 1962. The first fashion show in Ahmedabad was organised in the Dome.[2] Indian actress Parveen Babi took part in shows in the 1970s when she was a student.[2]

The mills and shops closed in the 1990s and the dome went into disrepair. In the 2001 earthquake, the centre of the dome collapsed and heavy rains damaged the interior of the underground shop. Later the dome collapsed completely.[3] [4]

On liquidation of Calico Mills, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) bought it as a heritage property in 2006.[3][2]


The Calico Dome was a five pointed geodesic dome instead of six or eight, as generally seen. The points were supported by steel pillars and tubes. The dome, spread over 12 metres, provided shade for the underground shop and showroom.[1][3]


AMC will restore the structure in two phases, first the basement at a cost of 4.2 million and then the dome at Rs6–7 million. It will cost Rs12 to 15 million in total. CEPT was roped in for suggestions. In January 2013, its restoration of base (Phase I) started, which was completed in fifteen months.[2][4][5] In January 2015, AMC issued tenders for preparation of restoration proposal (Phase II).


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