California Historical Landmarks in Mono County

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Mono County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image [1] Landmark name Location City or town Summary
341 Bodie Bodie State Historic Park
38°12′44″N 119°00′44″W / 38.212222°N 119.012222°W / 38.212222; -119.012222 (Bodie)
Dog Town
792 Dog Town State Hwy 395
38°10′13″N 119°11′51″W / 38.170278°N 119.1975°W / 38.170278; -119.1975 (Dog Town)
Upload Photo 995 Trail of the John C. Fremont 1844 Expedition Big Bend-Mountain Gate area, Toiyabe National Forest
38°20′54″N 119°21′43″W / 38.348333°N 119.361944°W / 38.348333; -119.361944 (Trail of the John C. Fremont 1844 Expedition)


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