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A political scandal is a kind of political corruption that is exposed and becomes a scandal, in which politicians or government officials are accused of engaging in various illegal, corrupt, or unethical practices. A political scandal can involve the breaking of the nation's laws or moral codes.

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This is a list of major political scandals in Chile:


  • "Scorpion" scandal (1809) - A smuggling scandal that caused the fall of the Royal Governor and hastened Chilean Independence











  • Meat riots in Santiago, Chile in October 1905 were the earliest and one of the biggest riots to take place in Chile
  • Santa María de Iquique School Massacre ("Matanza de la Escuela Santa María de Iquique") (1907) - The slaughter of hundreds of striking saltpeter workers in Iquique at the hands of the police and military forces








For a more extensive list of scandals and crimes committed during the Pinochet era, see
Rettig Report
Valech Report
Human Rights Violations of the Chilean dictatorship





  • 2010 Santiago prison fire killed 81 inmates in Chile's deadliest prison incident
  • Karadima case (2010-ongoing) - Pedophilia case involving Catholic priest Fernando Karadima and an alleged protection network which includes Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz and businessman Eliodoro Matte.
  • Kodama case (2010–11) - The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning was ready to pay 17,000,000,000 Chilean Pesos (approximately 24,000,000 Euro in 2011) to a building contractor "Kodama" for works that were valued in maximal 3,000,000,000 Chilean Pesos.
  • 7.926 students displaced with the closing of Universidad del Mar[8][9]
  • Killing of Vivian McKay and Werner Luchsinger by mapuche activists in an arson attack while trying to defend their home[10]
  • Pedro Velásquéz, second vice president of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, was suspended by the Ethics Committee after the discovery of a debt of CLP 280-million (roughly US$593,427) that Velásquez owes the commune of Coquimbo via tax fraud.[11]
  • Penta case irregular financing of political candidates by means of 258 fake records, among them IVA (value-added tax) receipts and payments for fictitious services, adding up to a total of some US$1.2 million. The probe evolved from the FUT-gate[12]
  • CAVAL case: a real estate company, owned to 50% by Michelle Bachelet's daughter in law, made US$5,000,000 profit in a transaction based on classified information and influence peddling.[13]
  • SQM case SQM Lithium mining company facilitated the payment of campaign contributions by persons submitting false invoices to the tax authorities for work not done. Same legal issues as the Penta Case.
  • Corpesca is an ongoing investigation into payments made by the industrial fishery Corpesca to certain politicians to influence the distribution of quotas to each fishing company.


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