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Free Dish
Industry Satellite television service
Founded 16 December 2004
Area served
Owner Prasar Bharati,
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Website ddindia.gov.in

DD Free Dish (previously known as DD Direct Plus) is an Indian free-to-air digital direct-broadcast satellite television service owned and operated by the state-controlled public service broadcaster Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan). It is the only free-to-air satellite television service in India. Initially, NSS-6 satellite at 95° was used to broadcast channels. After upgradation, INSAT-4B satellite at 93.5° is now used to broadcast 64 FTA MPEG-2 Channels, 24 MPEG-4 test channels and 29 radio channels. New logo for DD Free Dish was added on its 3 transponders on October 29, 2014.[1] It will soon be hiring a private agency for conducting E-Auctions for addition of new channels in future.

Setup Parameters[edit]

Format LNB Frequency (MHz) Transmission Frequency (MHz) Symbol Rate (Ksps) Polarity 22K
MPEG2 9750 10990 28500 V Off
MPEG2 9750 11070 28500 V Off
MPEG2 9750 11150 28500 V Off
MPEG2 9750 11570 28500 V Off
MPEG4 9750 11110 30000 H Off
MPEG4 9750 11490 30000 H Off

Satellite finder can be helpful to adjust dish position accurately.

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