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An Uzbek man wearing a doppa

The Doppa (Uzbek: دوپپا, Uyghur: دوپپا‎‎, Doppa) is a square or round skullcap originating in Central Asia, worn by Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Kazan Tatars and Tajiks. The doppa means "hat" in Uzbek, whereas in Uyghur it specifically refers to Doppa, not other types of hats. The hat is derived from a Turkic, more pointed, ancestral cap, which can be seen in some of the portraits of Jalaleddin Mingburnu. Differences between Uzbek and Uyghur Doppas can be observed from their shape, method of making, and colour. Uyghur Doppas are round, whereas Uzbek doppas are square with pointy edges. Uyghur Doppas are relatively softer, while Uzbek doppas are slightly harder and set into shape with mold.

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