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Dredging Corporation of India Limited
भारत निकर्षण निगम लिमिटेड
Public Sector Undertaking
Traded as NSEDREDGECORP, BSE523618
Industry Dredging, Land reclamation
Founded 1976
Headquarters Visakhapatnam, India
Key people
Rajesh Tripathi, Chairman & Managing Director
CA S.Charles, Director (Finance)
P Jayapal, Director (Ops&Tech)

A.Krishnarao, General Manager (HSE)
Capt.Diwakar,General Manager (Ops)
M.S.Rao, General Manager (Project Engineering)
P.P.Govindachari, General Manager (Fin)
V.K.Praviraj, General Manager (Mat)
G.V.R.Murthy, General Manager (Tech)
Products Maintenance Dredging, Capital Dredging, Land Reclamation, Beach Nourishment
Revenue Increase Rs.5,461,000,000 (Rs. 546.1 crores), 2004-2005
Number of employees
998 (2003)
Website www.dredge-india.nic.in

Dredging Corporation of India Limited, or DCI, is a Miniratna Indian public sector unit engaged in the business of dredging. DCI does dredging mainly for Indian seaports, though occasionally it dredges at foreign seaports in countries such as Taiwan and Dubai. It is mainly involved in maintenance dredging; almost all the maintenance dredging in Indian seaports is carried out by DCI. DCI is also involved in capital dredging, beach nourishment, and land reclamation. The main seaports in which DCI does business are HaldiaKandla Cochin and Ennore. The bulk of the dredging for the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) is also being carried out by DCI.

DCI is headquartered at Visakhapatnam and has project offices at many seaports in India. It reports to the Indian Ministry of Shipping.

DCI Fleet[edit]

Trailer Suction Hopper Dredgers[edit]

  • DCI Dredge VI
  • DCI Dredge VIII
  • DCI Dredge IX
  • DCI Dredge XI
  • DCI Dredge XII
  • DCI Dredge XIV
  • DCI Dredge XV
  • DCI Dredge XVI
  • DCI Dredge XVII
  • DCI Dredge XIX
  • DCI Dredge XX
  • DCI Dredge XXI

Cutter Suction Dredgers[edit]

  • DCI Dredge - VII
  • DCI Dredge - Aquarius
  • DCI Dredge XVIII

Other Crafts[edit]

  • DCI Tug VII
  • DCI Dredge BH1

Apart from the above DCI owns many support and ancillary crafts to assist in surveys and dredging.


  • DCI is superstitious about the number 13. No dredgers are named with the number 13, nor are any cabins within the ships.

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