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Earldom of Mountbatten of Burma
Coronet of a British Earl.svg
Lord Mountbatten of Burma-CoA-Knatchbull-Shield.svg
Quarterly, 1st: azure, three cross-crosslets fitchée between two bendlets or (Knatchbull); 2nd: argent, two pallets sable (Mountbatten); 3rd: azure, a lion rampant double queued barry of ten argent and gules crowned or a bordure compony of the second and third (Hesse, with a bordure for difference); 4th: the Royal Arms differenced with a label of three points argent the centre point charged with a rose gules barbed vert and each of the other points with an ermine spot (Princess Alice).[1]
Creation date28 October 1947
MonarchKing George VI
PeeragePeerage of the United Kingdom
First holderLouis Mountbatten
Present holderNorton Knatchbull, 3rd Earl
Heir apparentNicholas Louis Charles Norton Knatchbull
Remainder tothe 1st Earl's heirs male of the body lawfully begotten; the 1st Earl's daughters and heirs male of their bodies lawfully begotten
Subsidiary titlesViscount Mountbatten of Burma
Baron Brabourne
Baron Romsey
Baronet 'of Mersham Hatch'
Former seat(s)Classiebawn Castle

Earl Mountbatten of Burma is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 28 October 1947 for Rear Admiral Louis Mountbatten, 1st Viscount Mountbatten of Burma, the last Viceroy of India. The letters patent creating the title specified the following remainder:

...to his eldest daughter Patricia Edwina Victoria, Baroness Brabourne...and the heirs male of her body lawfully begotten; and in default of such issue to every other daughter lawfully begotten of the said Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, Viscount Mountbatten of Burma, successively in order of seniority of age and priority of birth and to the heirs male of their bodies lawfully begotten...

As a result, Lord Mountbatten's elder daughter, Patricia, succeeded as the 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma upon the former's death. Should the legitimate male line of descent of the 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma become extinct, the peerages will be inherited by her sister, Lady Pamela Hicks, and her legitimate heirs male. Should the legitimate male line of both sisters become extinct, the peerages will become extinct.

The subsidiary titles of the Earldom are Viscount Mountbatten of Burma, of Romsey in the County of Southampton (created 1946), and Baron Romsey, of Romsey in the County of Southampton (1947). Both of these titles, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, have the same special remainder as the Earldom. Lord Romsey was the courtesy title by which Lady Mountbatten's eldest son and heir was known until he succeeded his father as The 8th Baron Brabourne in 2005. Subsequently, with the death of his mother on 13 June 2017, Lord Brabourne became The 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma. As consequence, both the peerage title Baron Brabourne (created in 1880 for Liberal politician Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen) and the Knatchbull Baronetcy (created in 1641 for politician Norton Knatchbull) became subsidiary to that of the Earldom. Lord Brabourne is now the courtesy title by which Lord Mountbatten's eldest son is known.[2]

While the male-line heirs of Lady Pamela Hicks, second daughter of the 1st Earl, are in the line of succession to the earldom, they are not in line to the Brabourne Barony. Should the 7th Baron Brabourne's male line become extinct, the title would revert to a male-line descendant of the 1st Baron Brabourne's 3rd son.

The family seat is Newhouse Manor, near Ashford, Kent.

Earls Mountbatten of Burma (1947)[edit]

Created by George VI of the United Kingdom
# Name Period Spouse Notes Other titles Arms
1 Louis Mountbatten
1947–1979 married, 1922,
Edwina Ashley
Born a prince of Battenberg, he renounced the title and adopted the name Mountbatten 1st Viscount Mountbatten of Burma
and 1st Baron Romsey
Coat of Arms of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.svg
2 Patricia Knatchbull
1979–2017 married, 1946,
John Knatchbull,
7th Baron Brabourne

Elder daughter of the 1st Earl 2nd Viscountess Mountbatten of Burma and 2nd Baroness Romsey
(in her own right)
Baroness Brabourne
(by marriage)
Coronet of a British Earl.svgEarl Mountbatten of Burma-CoA-Shield.svg
3 Norton Knatchbull
(born 1947)
since 2017 married, 1979,
Penelope Eastwood
(born 1953)
Eldest son of the 2nd Countess 3rd Viscount Mountbatten of Burma and 3rd Baron Romsey
(inherited from mother)
8th Baron Brabourne and 17th Baronet 'of Mersham Hatch'
(inherited from father)
Coronet of a British Earl.svgLord Mountbatten of Burma-CoA-Knatchbull-Shield.svg

The heir apparent is the present holder's only son, Nicholas Louis Charles Norton Knatchbull, Lord Brabourne (born 1981).

Line of succession[edit]

[citation needed]

Coat of arms of the 1st Earl[edit]

Arms of The 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Azure a Lion rampant double-queued barry of ten Argent and Gules armed and langued of the last crowned Or within a Bordure company of the second and third (Hesse); 2nd and 3rd, Argent two Pallets Sable (Battenberg); charged on the honour point with an Escutcheon of the arms of the late Princess Alice, namely: the Royal Arms differenced by a Label of three points Argent the centre point charged with a Rose Gules barbed Vert and each of the other points with an Ermine Spot Sable. The shield is encircled with the Order of the Garter, of which the 1st Earl was a member.


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    And to command that the said Royal Concession and Declaration be recorded in the said College of Arms."
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