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For other uses, see Enlightenment (disambiguation).
Xm enlighten.jpg
Broadcast area United States
Branding enLighten
Slogan The Great Escape
Frequency XM 65
Sirius 65
Dish Network 6065
First air date April 17, 2006
Format Southern Gospel
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner Sirius XM Radio
Website SiriusXM: enLighten

enLighten is a Southern gospel music channel on XM Satellite Radio channel 18 (previously 34), Sirius Satellite Radio channel 18 (previously 67) and on Dish Network channel 6067. Until February 9, 2010, it was on DirectTV channel 828, but all of Sirius XM programming was dropped in favor of SonicTap. Sirius XM describes the channel as "The Church Doors Are Always Open" and primarily airs live church sessions on Sunday mornings. The channel was added on 2006-04-17 with a whole new group of radio channels. On May 4, 2011, enLighten was moved to channel 805 (available once again on internet only), but due to the number of complaints it was temporarily moved to the Limited Engagements channel for many years, and then moved to Sirius XM Radio 65 and Dish Network 6065 to go with the Gospel lineup.


Daniel Britt & Friends, airs on Monday nights at 7PM ET, Thursdays at 10PM ET, and Saturdays at 12 Noon ET. "Tune in for the most "in-depth' hour to be found on Southern Gospel music radio anywhere in America."
Stained Glass airs on Tuesdays at 7PM (EST) where you can listen to the country side of gospel music. Stained Glass, hosted by "Country Dan" Dixon, was removed from enLighten in 2009.

Limited Engagements DirecTV channel Lineup[edit]

You can also hear Enlighten on DirecTV Channel 810 when DirecTV starts back carrying XM programming coming soon!

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