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Falcon-Knight Model 10 Touring 1927

Falcon-Knight was a brand of automobile produced between 1927 and 1928 by the Willys-Overland Company of Toledo, Ohio. A separate company, the Falcon Motor Corporation was registered with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.[1] The cars were built in a former Garford Truck plant in Elyria, Ohio. The automobiles were well received with "a remarkable reputation for all-around performance and the sales were notably high."[2]


The Falcon-Knight was intended to fit in price between the Willys Whippet and larger Willys Knight ranges[1] and was priced $1250, $100 less than the Willys Knight 70A Roadster. It was powered by a six cylinder Knight sleeve valve engine. Except for the engine, much of the car is actually the same as the Model 93A Whippet with many parts being interchangeable.[3]

In January 1928, a new model 12 was announced with mainly cosmetic changes, and the last cars were made in March 1929 after which the plant made truck parts.


  • 1926 Model 10 Landau
  • 1927 Model 10 Sedan
  • 1927 Model 10 Brougham (2 door)
  • 1927 Model 10 Coupe
  • 1927 Model 10 Roadster
  • 1927 Model 10 Gray Ghost Roadster
  • 1928 Model 12 Sedan
  • 1928 Model 12 Coach
  • 1928 Model 12 Coupe
  • 1928 Model 12 Roadster


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