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County-level city
Fu'an is located in Fujian
Location in Fujian
Coordinates: 27°06′N 119°38′E / 27.100°N 119.633°E / 27.100; 119.633Coordinates: 27°06′N 119°38′E / 27.100°N 119.633°E / 27.100; 119.633
Country People's Republic of China
Province Fujian
Prefecture-level city Ningde
 • Total 67.44 km2 (26.04 sq mi)
 • Total 597,000
 • Density 8,900/km2 (23,000/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

About this sound Fu'an  (Chinese: 福安市; pinyin: Fú'ān Shì; Foochow Romanized: Hók-ăng-chê; sometimes Fu An) is a county-level city of Ningde prefecture level city, in northeast Fujian province, PRC, some 150 kilometres (93 mi) away from the provincial capital Fuzhou.[1]


Baiyun Mountains in Fu'an

The population of Fu'an stands at 597,000 residents.[when?]


Fu'an is known for its tea production. One successful local company is the Tan Yang Kunfu tea,[2] which won the Gold medal in Panama Pacific International Exposition (Year 1915).

An electric motor company (MingDong Electric Motor) was in FuAn between 1970 and 1980. The company went bankrupt, but the remnants of the company set up many shops, making electric motors and pumps two of the main products in the area.[3][4]


One of the first Anglo-Chinese kindergartens was established in Fu An in 2002.



Fu'an was created a county in 1245 AD in the Southern Song.

Republic / People's Republic[edit]

In November 1989, FuAn was elevated to a city at county level.[5]


Fu'an is surrounded by hills and the sea. It covers an area of 67.44 square kilometres (26.04 sq mi).


FuAn is located on the east or left bank of the Jiao (交溪), the main tributary of the Baima River (白马河).

Fu'an is known for the Saiqi Harbour (or Baima Harbor), which also bears the name "Golden Passage".[6]


National Route 104 passes through the county-level city, connecting its centre with Ningde municipal centre to the south and with Zherong County to the northeast.

Railway transportation[edit]


The Baima River in its lower course, seen from the railway bridge

FuAn has three street committees; the city's executive, legislature and judiciary are in Chengnan, together with its CPC and PSB branches.

There is one Development zone. The city oversees eleven towns and seven townships, of which three are zoned Affirmative action-like for the She nation natives.

Street committees[edit]

(jiedao, 街道)

Development zone[edit]

(kaifa qu, 开发区)

  • 赛岐开发区


(zhen, 镇)

  • 穆阳镇
  • 上白石镇
  • 溪潭镇
  • 下白石镇
  • 赛岐镇
  • 溪尾镇
  • 社口镇
  • 潭头镇
  • 晓阳镇
  • 溪柄镇
  • 甘棠镇


(xiang, 乡)

  • 城阳乡
  • 湾坞乡
  • 松罗乡
  • 范坑乡

Ethnic Townships[edit]

(Minzu xiang, 民族乡)

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