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Genre Children's
Created by Ruth Beni
Developed by Nicola Taylor
Alan Silbering
Directed by Richard Burdett
Voices of Amos Crawley
Jonathan Malen
Bryn McAuley
Drew Nelson
Novie Edwards
Country of origin Canada
Hong Kong
United States
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English and Spanish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 33 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Richard Switzer
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Agogo Media
AE, Ltd.
Decode Entertainment
Distributor DHX Media
Original network


Original release 2002 – 2003
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Girlstuff/Boystuff is a Canadian/Hong Kong/American/British animated television series that debuted on YTV in Canada in 2002. In America, it aired on Bohbot Kids Network, and in Australia it aired on ABC2 as part of the ABC Rollercoaster lineup.


Jason: He is Talia's brother and not the person who would not try at all but in the end he wins. He loves music and is nearly always wearing his headset and portable CD player. He likes to keep with the flow and the latest cool things. He wants to become a DJ.

Ben: Slightly obnoxious, Ben most likely to have the latest "coolnest" but at the end of the day he's a good guy who cares about his friends. He is probably the second biggest show off, behind Hanna.

Simon: He is the smartest of the group and is a computer whiz. He's kind of a nerd but his friends like to think of him as a cool smart guy. He is very cautious.

Talia: She is the youngest in the group, but her clothes make her look older. She has a say what you think/nervous attitude. Her hobbies are filming and photography. She also has her own website.

Hanna: She is the fashion queen in the group. She's spoiled and absolutely loves shopping. She is sometimes bossy and is always trying to change other's fashion statement or style and tries to make it like her own.

Reanne: She does her bit for the environment and is a free spirit. She loves animals and thinks everyone has a good side. She wants to save the world by cleaning parks, volunteering in nature groups and sometimes gets her friends involved.

Cast and crew[edit]

The series was created by Ruth Beni of Animage Films UK

Media release[edit]

The show was only ever released on VHS and DVD in Australia by ABC DVD. The complete series was also released onto YouTube by PorchLight Entertainment's KidMango.


Season 1

  • "Games Peeps Play" / "Tents Situation"
  • "Secrets & Lies" / "Face Powder Blues"
  • "Tickets, Please" / "Mall's Fair"
  • "Birthday Party" / "The Art of You"
  • "Flu Manchu" / "Save Me"
  • "Lip Gloss Queen" / "Breaking Up is Hard to Do"
  • "Skaterchick" / "Blind Date"

Season 2

  • "Party of the Year" / "Babysitting Miss Dot"
  • "Truth or Dare" / "Multiplex"
  • "The In Crowd" / "Gorilla My Dreams"
  • "Good Morning Rover" / "Un-Amusement Park"
  • "The Incredible Geeks" / "The Art of the Deal"
  • "Citizen Cane" / "Discount Fever"
  • "Bad Memories" / "Presently Surprised"
  • "Cha-Ching" / "Slam"
  • "Cram Session" / "Listen to the Music"
  • "The Making of..." / "The Afternoon Snack Club"
  • "The Young and the Foolish" / "Cause and Effects"
  • "Assess This" / "The Valentine Curse"
  • "The Perfect Math" / "Selling Out"
  • "Drama Queen" / "Mother's Day"
  • "The Lake" / "Klingon Someone Else"
  • "The Big Switch" / "Foreign Bodies"
  • "Stuff-a-Palooza" / "Video Return"
  • "Weekend Rental" / "Last Minute Shopping"
  • "Ghoulstuff/Boilstuff"
  • "Style 911" / "Eleven Minute Workout"
  • "Health Class Horrors" / "Lights, Camera, Ahhhh!"
  • "Express Yourself" / "Casting Call"
  • "Return to Sneder" / "Medieval Mayhem"
  • "Track and Field Fiasco" / "Dot's Dilemma"
  • "Lust in Translation" / "Spring Break"
  • "Dirty Work" / "Trading Spaces"

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