Fries with That?

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Fries with That?
Created byClaudio Luca (Producer)
Music byJames Gelfand
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)
  • English
  • French
No. of episodes26
Running timeapprox. 23 minutes
Original networkYTV
Original release4 April 2003 – 28 May 2004

Fries with That? is a YTV produced sitcom. It first aired in April 2004.

This sitcom revolves around a group of high-school students who work at a local fast food restaurant named Bulky's in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The sitcom follows primarily five high school students and focuses on many themes such as love, responsibility, friendship, and honesty. Each member of the Bulky's main crew has a unique personality.

It was cancelled after completion of the second season due to declining ratings.

Principal characters[edit]

Pattie, cashier. She enjoys playing sports, especially Canadian football and basketball. She uses her athleticism to compensate for her lack of intellect. For example, Pattie uses a unique studying technique, which involves shooting a piece of paper into a makeshift basket in order to learn specific historical events such as July 1, 1867 (Canadian Confederation). Although she is in touch with her masculine side, she is extremely romantic. Her taste for men vary from an ostracized nerd to a handsome criminal and once had feelings for Alex. Her full name is Patricia Johnson.

Tess, cashier. Tess is the freespirit of the crew. Her French accent and last name indicate that she comes from a Francophone household. Her colleagues know her to be extremely creative and artistic. She tends to be rather eccentric and she believes her aura/soul is a huge presence in her life and should be taken seriously (but she is often ignored). She is obsessed with the paranormal and likes to use it as an explanation for everyday occurrences. She is often distracted at work by studying, art projects, deadlines, songs, extra projects, or boys. Her full name is Tess Laverière.

Robyn cashier, griller, dishwasher. Robyn is the probably the most functional character. She claims to hate men, but has a secret crush on the egotistical Alex. She hints at the secret several times, but Alex can’t seem to figure it out. For example, when Alex and Pattie were mistakenly believed to be in a serious relationship, she indicated with two miniature figurines that they would not be married. She moped and even ate expired chocolate that Ben bought for whoever would be his "future girlfriend." She also mysteriously has a huge love for Romanian soap operas that was demonstrated when a criminal used TNT on a vault about 20 feet away and she didn't even notice. Her full name is Robyn Cohen.

Alex, burger flipper. Alex is the typical handsome egotistical young teenager. Although he has a reputation of being rude, disgusting and inconsiderate, he is a loyal friend. He is not terribly romantic and fails to recognize Robyn’s attraction for what it is. He tends to be very physical in his relationships and can’t seem to keep his hands off the girls that attract him. He also loves to provoke his extremely obsessive assistant manager, Ben Shaw, and they seem to be in a constant state of frustration with each other. One notable instance involved a particularly attractive exchange student from Flin Flon, Manitoba who caught their eyes. Ultimately, a feud commenced and it finally resulted in two broken hearts. He also plays the viola, but tries to keep it a secret because he thinks it is geeky. His full name is Alexander Kurzi.

Ben is the highly obsessive and greedy assistant manager. He only wants one thing: more profits for Bulky's so that he can get recognition and finally become the manager. He is sometimes aloof and unpleasant, but other times friendly and accepting. He is a perfectionist and tends to stress easily. Certain crewmembers wish he would fall off a bridge, just so they could have a day off for once. He enjoys making up absurd but "official" sounding rules such as "no member of the crew at Bulky’s is allowed to date another crewmember at Bulky’s." On the other hand, Ben is an excellent mathematician and greatly enjoys listing and calculating profits. He is always the employee of the month and he is the only one with access to the money in his "personal vault" - even a criminal with TNT could not break in. His full name is Benjamin Shaw

Meiyan, introduced in season two. Her work hours seem to vary from the rest of the cast, as most often, she appears during her off hours, mostly to antagonize Ben. She loves to annoy Ben, and tried to take his job when Ben faked his death.

Eddie is not part of the main crew, but rather an employee that transports the supplies from the warehouse to the restaurant. He is portrayed as a simpleton, but rather showed some signs of intelligence when he got 100% on all of his provincial exams without cheating. He often replies "____? I'm super good at _____" whenever anyone mentions something they have problems with, but usually, Eddie turns out to not be as good as he says he is. His full name is Eduardo Samisk.

The "head office guy" supervises the restaurant and is constantly bombarding Ben and the crew with threats in order to increase productivity. He tends to be serious, but did stir things up with a crafty April Fool's Day prank.

Origin of the series[edit]

Fries with That? was inspired by the Quebec French language VRAK.TV sitcom, Une grenade avec ça? ("A grenade With That?").


Season Series Episode Name Directed By Written By Original YTV Airdate
1 1 "The Expendables" Carl Goldstein TBA April 15, 2004
1 2 "Metal Mouth" Carl Goldstein Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré April 14, 2004
1 3 "Coach Pattie" Adam Weissman Heidi Foss April 4, 2004
1 4 "Robyn the Boss" Adam Weissman Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré April 29, 2004
1 5 "Everyone's Alex" TBA TBA May 17, 2004
1 6 "Help Unwanted" TBA TBA April 20, 2004
1 7 "Where's the Ham?" TBA TBA May 10, 2004
1 8 "The Ben Effect" Adam Weissman Heidi Foss May 3, 2004
1 9 "The Campaign" Giles Walker Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré May 6, 2004
1 10 "Undercover Guy" Carl Goldstein Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré May 12, 2004
1 11 "Alex's Last Chapter" Carl Goldstein Heidi Foss April 11, 2004
1 12 "Curse of the Tess People" Giles Walker Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré April 19, 2004
1 13 "The Competition" Giles Walker Shane Simmons April 22, 2004
1 14 "Candid Camera" TBA TBA May 19, 2004
1 15 "A Phone for Ben" Carl Goldstein Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré April 21, 2004
1 16 "As Fate would have It" TBA TBA May 11, 2004
1 17 "Mobyn and Myan" Carl Goldstein Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré April 26, 2004
1 18 "The Cold Shoulder" Carl Goldstein Shane Simmons April 27, 2004
1 19 "Music For Your Mouths" Giles Walker Heidi Foss May 5, 2004
1 20 "Tigerman" TBA TBA May 25, 2004
1 21 "Alternative Ben" Carl Goldstein Heidi Foss May 4, 2004
1 22 "Foreign Effects" TBA TBA May 18, 2004
1 23 "The Love Potion" TBA TBA May 20, 2004
1 24 "A Side order of Love" TBA TBA May 24, 2004
1 25 "While Supplies Last" TBA TBA May 13, 2004
1 26 "Mini Ben" Giles Walker Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, & Paul Paré May 28, 2004


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