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Korean cuisine-Anju-Golbaengi muchim-01.jpg
Alternative names Spicy sea snails salad
Type Salad
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Bladder moon snail, vegetables, gochujang
Cookbook: Golbaengi-muchim  Media: Golbaengi-muchim
Korean name
Hangul 골뱅이무침
Revised Romanization golbaengi-muchim
McCune–Reischauer kolbaengi-much'im
IPA [kol.bɛ̝ŋ.i.mu.tɕʰim]

Golbaengi-muchim[1] (골뱅이무침) or spicy sea snails salad[1] is a type of Korean salad mainly consumed as anju when drinking alcoholic beverages such as soju or beer. It is made with Neverita didyma (a sea snail), dried shredded squid or dried Alaska pollock, vegetables such as sliced cucumber, and shredded scallions, and mixed with a hot and spicy sauce. The sauce is usually made with gochujang (chili pepper paste), chili pepper powder, vinegar, sugar, salt, minced garlic, and sesame oil.[2][3]

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