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CourseSide dish
Place of originJava, Indonesia
Region or stateCentral Java, Yogyakarta
Created byJavanese cuisine
Serving temperatureMostly served with main course
Main ingredientsSteamed vegetable salad, shredded coconut dressing

Kuluban is a traditional[1] salad of Central Java. Kuluban can be consumed on its own as a salad for vegetarian meals or as a side dish. Kuluban is one of ancient Javanese cuisine, as it was mentioned in inscription dated from Medang Mataram era circa 9th century CE.[2]



The vegetables which are usually used in Kuluban are string bean, petai, young jackfruit, orange leaf, bean sprouts, kencur, terasi, shredded young coconut, red pepper, salt, sugar. To acquire crispy texture, most recipes insist on adding kerupuk.

Kuluban (boiled vegetables) topped with Serundeng (chopped meat). Served room temperature.

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