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Han-Kyung-Oh' (Hankyungoh, 한경오, 한京oh) refers to Hankyoreh Sinmun, Kyunghyang Sinmun, and Ohmynews, the three main liberal press newspapers in South Korea. Han-Kyung-Oh are known to have a strong left wing voice in Korea.[1][2][3]


There are criticisms of Han-Kyung-oh’s past work and their allegedly biased press coverage.

Excessive Reporting on Politics[edit]

There is criticism of the Han-Kyung-Oh’s intentional excess of reporting of (or lesser focus on) major events in order to ensure their political gain. For example, Han-Kyung-Oh reported excessively about the economic crisis in September 2008.[4][5][6]

Opposing U.S. beef imports[edit]

Han-Kyung-Oh say old U.S. cattle pose a risk of transmitting the fatal brain condition known as "mad cow disease" to humans. They wanted South Korea to shut its doors to some US beef.[7]

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