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The Hawthorn Tramways Trust was a tram operator in Melbourne, Australia. Its assets were transferred to the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board on 2 February 1920.


Ballarat tram No. 26, built in 1916 by Duncan & Fraser for the Hawthorn Tramways Trust at the Ballarat Tramway Museum depot at Lake Wendouree

The Hawthorn Tramways Trust (HTT) was formed pursuant to the Melbourne to Burwood Tramways Act, 1914 to construct and manage electric tramways in the City of Melbourne, City of Richmond, City of Hawthorn, and the City of Camberwell; and for the acquisition of a horse tramway from the Melbourne Tramway & Omnibus Company (MTOC). The trust operated the Hawthorn tram depot and was also responsible for the opening of Wattle Park in the suburb of Burwood in 1915.[1]

The HTT was the only early electric tram operator to open a route into the inner city, which was then only served by the Melbourne cable tramway system.[2] The main route operated was from Princes Bridge to Burwood. The trust took over the MTOC's horse tram route along Batman Avenue.[3] To run the tramway, the trust purchased 10 small single bogie and 10 large double bogie cars from Duncan & Fraser, Adelaide.

The trust was dissolved on 20 February 1920, and control passed to the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board.[1][4]

A number of the HTT trams have been preserved, including Tram 8 at the Melbourne Tram Museum.[5]


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