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ISIS-chan on a white background.

ISIS-chan (ISISアイシスちゃん, aishisuchan)[1][2][3][4] is a fictional manga character which originated on the Japanese internet textboard 2channel and was created in 2015 after a series of incidents in which Japanese nationals were kidnapped and beheaded by ISIL. The character is portrayed as a moe-style girl.


ISIS-chan was originally conceived by users of 2channel as a response to the propaganda of the Islamic terrorism group ISIS (aka ISIL).[5][6][7][8] The character is a moe anthropomorphism of ISIL and soon became a meme across some Japanese social media.[8]

Their intentions were to flood the web with ISIS-chan's images to make the character rank highly in Google's search engine results (Google bomb).[1][2][9] If things go well, they hoped that an Internet search for ISIS will come up with the moe character instead of militant propaganda sites.[5] The campaign has become a part of the social media war that the US and the UK have already launched against ISIS.[5]


In various examples, ISIS-Chan is shown with a cut muskmelon and a paring knife in her hand.
  • 19 years old[1][6]
  • green eyes[1][4][6][7]
  • Green hair[4]
  • Clad in black jihadi outfit[1][4][6][7]
  • Playful, funny, and creative[10]
  • Fond of muskmelons;[6][7] in some cases armed with a melon.[1]
  • Sometimes carries a knife used to cut melons[1][6][7]
  • The knife could be a combat knife, but she uses it only to cut melons.[4] The creators explain that she is supposed to teach "these confused ISIS people" what knives are actually used for.[4]
  • She has a mission to stop ISIS and to gather as many melons as she can.[11]

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