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This is an index of DOS games.

This list has been split into multiple pages. Please use the Table of Contents to browse it.

Title Released Developer(s) Publisher(s)
D 1995 WARP Acclaim Entertainment
Daemon's Gate 1993 Imagitec Imagitec
Dagger of Amon Ra, The 1992 Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line
Dalek Attack 1992 Alternative Software Alternative Software
Dalk 1992 Alice Soft Alice Soft
Dam Busters 1986 Sydney Development Corp. U.S. Gold
Dame Was Loaded, The 1995 Beam Software Philips Interactive Media
Dangerous Dave 1990 John Romero Softdisk
Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement 1990 John Romero
Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate's Hideout 1990 Softdisk
Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion 1991 Gamer's Edge, id Software Softdisk
Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue 1993 Gamer's Edge Softdisk
Dark Ages 1991 Scenario Software Apogee Software
Dark Castle 1987 Silicon Beach Software Mirrorsoft
Dark Century 1990 Titus Software Titus Software
Dark Designs I: Grelminar's Staff 1991 Softdisk Softdisk
Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate 1991 Softdisk Softdisk
Darker 1995 Psygnosis Psygnosis
Dark Half, The 1992 Symtus Capstone Software
Dark Heart of Uukrul, The 1990 Digital Studios Limited Brøderbund
Darklands 1992 MicroProse MicroProse
Dark Legions 1994 Silicon Knights Strategic Simulations
Darklight Conflict 1997 Rage Software Electronic Arts
Dark Queen of Krynn 1992 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Dark Seed 1992 Cyberdreams Cyberdreams
Dark Seed 2 1995 Destiny Media Technologies Cyberdreams
Darkspyre 1990 Event Horizon Software Event Horizon Software
Dark Sun: Shattered Lands 1993 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager 1994 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations, Mindscape
Dark Universe 1995 Martin, neo Software Produktions Max Design
Dark Woods 2 2002-06-08 Jocke The Beast Jocke The Beast
Darts 1989 Christopher Hoskovec Softdisk
Darts 1991 Scott Semon
Darwin's Arena 1991 Matthew Kowalski
Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest: SWAT 1995 Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line
Das Boot 1990 Artech Studios Three-Sixty Pacific
Das Erbe 1991 COMAD GmbH Bundesministerium
Das Stundenglas 1990 Weltenschmiede Software 2000
Daughter of Serpents 1992 Eldritch Games Millennium Interactive
Dave Goes Nutz 1993 Gamer's Edge Softdisk
Davidic Matchup 1995 Godly Games Godly Games
David Leadbetter's Golf 1991 Thought Train MicroProse
David Wolf: Secret Agent 1989 Dynamix Dynamix
Dawn Patrol 1994 Rowan Software Empire Interactive
Dawn Patrol: Head to Head 1995 Rowan Software Empire Interactive
Day of the Tentacle 1993 LucasArts LucasArts
Day of the Viper 1989 Accolade Accolade
Days of Thunder 1990 Argonaut Software Mindscape
D-Day: America Invades 1995 Atomic Games Avalon Hill
D-Day: The Beginning of the End 1994 Impressions Games Impressions Games
DDM Soccer '96 1996 Digital Dreams Multimedia Digital Dreams Multimedia
Deadline 1982 Infocom Infocom
Deadly Racer 1994 InSide Team Flair Software
Deathbringer 1992 Empire Interactive Empire Interactive
Death Bringer 1989 Pandora Software Pandora Software
Death by Dark Shadows 1995 William R. Fisher III Studios William R. Fisher III Studios
Death Gate 1994 Legend Entertainment Legend Entertainment
Death Knights of Krynn 1991 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Death Rally 1996 Remedy Entertainment Apogee Software
Deathtrack 1989 Dynamix Activision
Decision in the Desert 1985 MicroProse MicroProse
Dedale 1986 Softstar
Deep Space: Operation Copernicus 1986 Sir-Tech Sir-Tech
Deer Napped 1995 Nic-Ty Entertainment Nic-Ty Entertainment
Defcon 1 1992 Jon Cortelyou Romulus Software
Defcon 5 1995 Millennium Interactive Nova Spring
Defender 1983 Atari Atarisoft
Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery 1992 Tim Wisseman Tim Wisseman
Defender of the Crown 1987 Master Designer Software Mirrorsoft
Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True 1987 ICOM Simulations Mindscape
Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas 1990 ICOM Simulations Mindscape
Delta V 1994 Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks
Deluxe Ski Jump 1999 Jussi Koskela Mediamond Tmi
Demon Attack 1982 Imagic Imagic
Demon Day 2004
Demon Orb 1990 Andrew Sega Nebula Systems
Demon Stalkers 1988 Micro Forté Pty Electronic Arts
Demon's Forge 1987 Saber Software Saber Software
Demon's Winter 1988 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Der Planer 1994 Greenwood Entertainment Software Greenwood Entertainment Software
Der Planer 2 1996 Greenwood Entertainment Software Greenwood Entertainment Software
Der Schatz im Silbersee 1993 CyberVision Software 2000
Descent 1994 Parallax Software Interplay Entertainment
Descent II 1996 Parallax Software Interplay Entertainment
Descent to Undermountain 1997 Interplay Entertainment Interplay Entertainment
Desert Storm Command Deluxe 1994 Pod Bay MVP Software
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf 1992 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts
Design Your Own Railroad 1992 Dill Software Abracadata
Despair 2 1995 U-Neek Software U-Neek Software
Despair 3 1995 U-Neek Software U-Neek Software
Destination: Mars 1991 Compu-Teach Compu-Teach
Destroyer 1986 Epyx Epyx
Destruction Derby 1995 Reflections Interactive Psygnosis
Destruction Derby 2 1996 Reflections Interactive Psygnosis
Detective Storm 1996 Cartoon Animation Studios Cartoon Animation Studios
Detroit 1994 Impressions Games Impressions Games
Deus 1996 Silmarils ReadySoft
Devil Cows from Mars! 1991 zTx Computer Productions zTx Computer Productions
D/Generation 1991 Veda Hlubinka-Cook, James Brown Mindscape
Diamaze 1990 Herringbone Software Herringbone Software
Diamond Dash 1992 David Fleming Softek
Diamond Digger 1986 Keypunch Software Keypunch Software
Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure 1991 Distinctive Software Disney Interactive
Die Fugger II 1996 Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment
Die Hard 1990 Pack-In-Video Activision
Die Harder 1992 Tiertex Grandslam Video
Die Höhlenwelt Saga: Der Leuchtende Kristall 1994 Proline Software Software 2000
Die Kathedrale 1991 Weltenschmiede Software 2000
Dig Dug 1982 Atari Atarisoft
Digger 1983 Windmill Software Windmill Software
Diggers 1993 Millennium Interactive [[Nova Spring]
Diggers 2: Extractors 1995 Millennium Interactive
Dig It 1996 Pixel Painters Corporation Pixel Painters Corporation
Dig, The 1995 LucasArts LucasArts
Dime City 1995 Cyberdyne Systems Starbyte Software
Dimo's Quest 1993 Infernal Byte Systems Boeder Software
DinoPark Tycoon 1993 MECC, Manley & Associates MECC
Dinosaur Predators 1996 Alive Software Alive Software
Dino-Sorcerer 1990 Softdisk Softdisk
Dinotopia 1995 Dreamers Guild Turner Interactive
Disc 1990 Loriciel Loriciel
Disciples of Steel 1994 MegaSoft Entertainment FormGen
Discoveries of the Deep 1993 Capstone Software Capstone Software
Discovering America 1994 Lawrence Productions Lawrence Productions
Discovery: In the Steps of Columbus 1992 Impressions Games
Discworld 1995 Teeny Weeny Games, Perfect 10 Productions Psygnosis, Dro Soft
Discworld II 1996 Perfect Entertainment Psygnosis
Disney's Aladdin 1992 Virgin Interactive, Disney Interactive Studios Virgin Interactive
Disney's Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold 1990 Incredible Technologies Walt Disney Computer Software
Dive Bomber 1988 Acme Animation U.S. Gold
Dive: The Conquest of Silver Eye 1996 Diamond Software WizardWorks
Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk 1993 Codemasters Codemasters
DJ Puff's Volcanic Capers 1993 Codemasters Codemasters
D.O.G: Fight for Your Life 1997 Greenwood Entertainment Software Funsoft
Dogfight 1993 Microprose Microprose
Dominus 1994 Visual Concepts U.S. Gold
Donald's Alphabet Chase 1988 Westwood Associates Disney Software
Donald Duck's Playground 1988 Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line
Donkey 1981 Microsoft Game Studios IBM, Microsoft Game Studios
Donkey Island 2000 Pterodon Software Epic Games
Donkey Kong 1982 Softweaver Atarisoft
Don Quijote 1987 Dinamic Software Dinamic Software
Don't Go Alone 1989 Sterling Silver Software Accolade Inc.
Doofus 1994 X-ample Architectures Prestige Software
Doom 1993 id Software id Software, Midway Games, GT Interactive
Doom 2D 1996 Prikol Software Prikol Software
Doom II: Hell on Earth 1994 id Software GT Interactive
Doppelpass 1994 Ascon Ascon
Dork's Dreams 1991 Tomasz Pytel
Dotso 1995 Soleau Software Soleau Software
Double Dare 1988 GameTek GameTek
Double Dragon 1988 Arcadia Systems Arcadia Systems
Double Dragon II: The Revenge 1991 Virgin Mastertronic Virgin Games
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone 1992 Storm Software Interavision
Double Dribble 1990 Konami Konami
Double Talk: Sports Edition 1994 Boyle and Elggren Games Boyle and Elggren Games
Downhill Challenge 1988 Microïds Loriciel
Down in the Dumps 1996 Haiku Studios Philips Media
Drachen Von Laas 1991 attic Entertainment Software attic Entertainment Software
Dracula in London 1993 ICOM Simulations Viacom
Dracula Unleashed 1993 ICOM Simulations Viacom
DragonFlight 1991 Thalion Software Thalion Software
Dragon History 1995 NoSense Vochozka Trading
Dragon Knight 1989 Elf Co., Ltd. Elf Co., Ltd.
Dragon Knight 2 1991 Elf Co., Ltd. Elf Co., Ltd.
Dragon Knight 4 1994 Elf Co., Ltd. Elf Co., Ltd.
Dragon Lord 1990 Outlaw Software Spotlight Software
Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins 1994 Cryo Interactive Mindscape
Dragon Lore II: The Heart of the Dragon Man 1996 Cryo Interactive Interplay
Dragons: A Challenge in Chivalry 1986 [[Capital PC User Group] Capital PC User Group
Dragon's Lair 1993 ReadySoft Incorporated ReadySoft Incorporated
Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle 1991 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media ReadySoft Incorporated
Dragon's Lair II: TimeWarp 1990 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media ReadySoft Incorporated
Dragon's Lair III: The Curse of Mordread 1992 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media ReadySoft Incorporated
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes 1990 Nihon Falcom Nihon Falcom
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II 1992 Nihon Falcom Nihon Falcom
Dragons of Flame 1989 U.S. Gold Strategic Simulations, U.S. Gold
Dragonsphere 1994 MicroProse MicroProse
DragonStrike 1990 Westwood Studios Strategic Simulations
Dragon Wars 1989 Interplay Entertainment Activision
Dragonworld 1984 Byron Preiss Video Productions Trillium Corp.
Drak 1995 Enypsox Enypsox
Drakkhen 1989 Infogrames Data East
Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back 1996 Alcachofa Soft Digital Dreams Multimedia
Dr. Doom's Revenge 1989 Paragon Software Empire Interactive
Dr. Dumont's Wild Part I 1988 First Row Software First Row Software
Dreams to Reality 1997 Cryo Interactive Cryo Interactive
Dream Prisoner 1995 Procurion 9 Procurion 9
Dream Warrior 1989 Tarann Keypunch Software
Dreamweb 1994 Creative Reality Empire Interactive
Dreamzone 1988 JAM software Baudville
Droids 1982 International PC Owners International PC Owners
Drug lord 1991 FantasyWare FantasyWare
Drugwars 1994 American Laser Games American Laser Games
Druid: Daemons of the Mind 1993 Homebrew Software Homebrew Software
Dschump! 1993
Duel: Test Drive II 1989 Distinctive Software Accolade
Duke Nukem 1991 Apogee Software Apogee Software
Duke Nukem II 1993 Apogee Software Apogee Software
Duke Nukem 3D 1996 3D Realms Apogee Software
Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition 1996 3D Realms GT Interactive Software
Dune 1992 Cryo Interactive Virgin Entertainment
Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty 1992 Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive
Dungeon Explorer 1990 John K. Murphy
Dungeon Hack 1993 DreamForge Intertainment Strategic Simulations
Dungeon Keeper 1997 Bullfrog Productions Electronic Arts
Dungeon Keeper: The Deeper Dungeons 1997 Bullfrog Productions Electronic Arts
Dungeon Master 1992 FTL Games Psygnosis
Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep 1995 FTL Games Interplay Entertainment
Dungeons of Kroz 1989 Scott Miller Apogee Software
Dunjonquest: Curse of Ra 1982 Epyx Automated Simulations
Dunjonquest: Morloc's Tower 1983 Epyx Automated Simulations
Dunjonquest: Temple of Apshai 1982 Epyx Automated Simulations
Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of Apshai 1982 Epyx Automated Simulations
Dunkle Schatten 1994 Freelance Development Art Department
Dunkle Schatten 2: Im Netzwerk Gefangen 1996 DigiTales Art Department
Dusk of the Gods 1991 Event Horizon Software Interstel
Dylan Dog: Murderers 1992 Simulmondo Simulmondo
Dylan Dog: Through the Looking Glass 1993 Simulmondo Simulmondo