Jia Kui (174-228)

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Jia Kui
General of Cao Wei
Born 174
Died 228 (aged 54)[a]
Traditional Chinese 賈逵
Simplified Chinese 贾逵
Pinyin Jiǎ Kuí
Wade–Giles Chia K'uei
Courtesy name Liangdao (Chinese: 梁道; pinyin: Liángdào; Wade–Giles: Liang-tao)
Posthumous name Marquis Su (traditional Chinese: 肅侯; simplified Chinese: 肃侯; pinyin: Sù Hóu; Wade–Giles: Su Hou)

Jia Kui, (174-228),[2] courtesy name Liangdao, was a military general and politician who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty. He became a subject of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period.


Jia Kui was from present-day Lifen, Shanxi. After appointments to several posts as prefect, administrator and registrar to the chancellor, Jia Kui was honoured with the title of a Secondary Marquis for his work in keeping his lands prepared for battle and well-supplied. During a skirmish with the rival state of Eastern Wu, Jia Kui defeated the forces of Lü Fan, earning further accolades.

In 228, during the reign of Cao Rui, he was posted with Cao Xiu to invade Eastern Wu, at the Battle of Shiting. Cao Xiu was taken in by Zhou Fang's defection, but Jia Kui was not convinced. As he had seen through the defection, the invasion was unsuccessful and Jia Kui rescued Cao Xiu after the latter was isolated by the false defection of Zhou Fang, leading to a successful retreat.

Jia Kui's son, Jia Chong, served as an official during the Jin dynasty after the end of the Three Kingdoms period.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Chief of Jiangyi (絳邑長)
  • Prefect of Mianchi (澠池令)
  • Assistant to the Minister over the Masses (司徒掾)
  • Consultant (議郎)
  • Army Advisor (參軍事) to the Colonel-Director of Retainers
  • Administrator of Hongnong (弘農太守)
  • Registrar (主簿) to the Imperial Chancellor
  • Counsellor Remonstrant (諫議大夫)
  • Prefect of Ye (鄴令)
  • Administrator of Wei Commandery (魏郡太守)
  • Libationer (祭酒) Registrar to the Imperial Chancellor
  • Inspector of Yu Province (豫州刺史)
  • Secondary Marquis (關內侯)
  • Marquis of Yangli Village (陽里亭侯)
  • General Who Establishes Might (建威將軍)
  • Marquis Su (肅侯) (posthumous)

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  1. ^ The Wei Shu mentioned that Jia Kui was 55 years old (by East Asian age reckoning) when he died.[1]


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