Zhang Te

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Zhang Te
Traditional Chinese 張特
Simplified Chinese 张特
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhang.

Zhang Te, courtesy name Zichan (子產), was a military general of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period.

Zhang Te was known for his brilliant victory against Eastern Wu through his defense of Xincheng, Hefei for defending Hefei castle with only 3.000 against 200.000 of the rival state of Eastern Wu for more than 3 months. when Zhang faked his surrender and continuously resisted until the enemy finally ended up retreating. after 90 days he faked surrender to deceive his enemies and forced them to retreat after they exhausted and 200.000 fresh reinforcements led by Sima Fu arrived to lift the siege of Hefei[1]

After this he was promoted to General of miscellaneous (杂号将军Zá hào jiāngjūn) and also given new task to be Grand Administrator [taishou] of Anfeng[2]

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