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This list of richest Pakistani politicians as per the media reports and asset declaration. Nawaz Sharif and Zardari give almost no taxes on their assets.[1]

Party Leaders[edit]

Name Party Position Date(s) Estimated wealth (not necessarily adjusted for inflation so comparing to each other is speculative)
Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Former President of Pakistan 2008–2013 $ 1 billion[2] Inheritance, Landlord, Businesses. Stakes in sugar mills in sindh, agricultural land in nawab shah. Estates in Dubai, England etc. Stakes in sugar mills in sakrand, pangrio, anasari, mirza, bachani. Agricultural land atleast 1300 acre, foreign bank accounts. Expensive estates in England, France, Belgium, USA.
Nawaz Sharif Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) Prime Minister of Pakistan
President of PML-N
2013-till date
$ 1 Billion[2] Sharif Group, Ittefaq Group, Landlord, Inheritance. Offshore flats in May Fair Apartments London, businesses in Saudi Arabia and England. Sugar and textile mills and steel mills in Pakistan. Raiwind palace is on 3000 Acres of Land. 11 out of 77 Sugar Mills in Pakistan are owned by Sharif Family. Apartments in Park Lane in London England, Residencies in Istanbol, Spain, Saudi Arabia, UAE. Three registered companies in British Virgin Island NESCOL, Shemrock, NIELSON. Steel Mill in Saudi Arabia. 6 Textile Mills. He is proven to have earned money through unlawful means. He and his family's name are in Panama papers.
Imran Khan Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman of PTI 2013 $ 0.60 million [2] Cricket, Commentary,Sports. He has a House in Bani Gala on 300 Acres.
General Pervez Musharraf All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) President of Pakistan
Chief of Army Staff
President of APML
1999-2007 $6 million [3] Salary as Pakistan's COAS, Landlord, Academia, Lectureship. Farm House in Islamabad. House in Karachi.

Richest Parliamentarians in Pakistan[edit]

Name Party Position Date(s) Declared wealth !
Saeed Ahmed Zafar Independent Member of National Assembly 2008–2013 Rs 38 billion


Mehboob Ullah Jan Pakistan Peoples Party Member of National Assembly 2008–2013 Rs 32.88 billion


Noor Alam Khan Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Member of National Assembly 2008–2013 Rs 32 billion[4]
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi PML-N Member of National Assembly 2013–2018 Rs 1.627 billion

[4] Owns Air Blue. Air Blue has a fleet of 8 airplanes including expensive A380s. Total cost of these aeroplanes comes out to be 70 Billion.

Jehangir Khan Tareen Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Member of National Assembly 2008–2013 Rs 1.095 billion

[4]Owns 3 Sugar Mills, 3000 Acres of Agricultural Land. Has a personal jet. He, his son Ali tareen and his wife amina own 40 % shares of JDW Sugar mills. According to their Annual report 2016, that makes them owner of 17 Billion worth of shares and income of 81 crore in 2016 alone.

Mian Tariq Mehmood PML-N Member of National Assembly NA 98 2013–2018 Rs 812.81 million


Abdul Aleem Khan Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Member of National Assembly 2008–2013 Rs 0.908 billion. He has a Big Real Estate Business. b

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