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Location of Colombia

Colombia is a transcontinental country largely situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America. Colombia shares a border to the northwest with Panama, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil and to the south with Ecuador and Peru.[1] It shares its maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.[2] It is a unitary, constitutional republic comprising thirty-two departments.

Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America. Its major industries include textiles, food processing, petroleum, clothing and footwear, consumer appliances, beverages, chemicals, cement, automobiles, gold, coal, and emeralds

For further information on the types of business entities in this country and their abbreviations, see "Business entities in Colombia".

Notable firms[edit]

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.

Notable companies
     Active      State-owned      Defunct
Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
ACES Colombia Consumer services Airlines Medellín 1971 Airline, defunct 2003
AeroAndina Industrials Aerospace Cali 1971 Aircraft
Aerolínea de Antioquia Consumer services Airlines Medellín 1987 Regional airline
Aerosucre Industrials Delivery services Bogotá 1969 Cargo airline
AKT motos Consumer goods Automobiles Envigado 2004 Motorcycles
Alpina Productos Alimenticios Consumer goods Food products Bogotá 1945 Dairy, food, beverage
Arcadia Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 2005 Monthly magazine
Auteco Consumer goods Automobiles Medellín 1941 Motor vehicle manufacturer
Avianca Consumer services Airlines Bogotá 1919 Airline
Avianca Cargo Industrials Delivery services Medellín 1973 Cargo airline
Avianca Holdings Industrials Delivery services Bogotá 2010 Airlines, transportation, cargo
Banco AV Villas Financials Banks Bogotá 1972 Bank, part of Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores
Banco de Bogotá Financials Banks Bogotá 1870 Commercial bank
Banco de Occidente Financials Banks Cali 1965 Bank
Bancolombia Financials Banks Medellín 1945 Commercial bank
Bavaria Brewery Consumer goods Brewers Bogotá 1889 Brewery, part of Anheuser-Busch InBev (Belgium)
Cambio Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1993 Monthly magazine
Caracol Radio Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Medellín 1948 Radio network
Caracol Televisión Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Bogotá 1954 Broadcaster
Carulla Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers Bogotá 1905 Supermarket, part of Grupo Éxito
Citytv Bogotá Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Bogotá 1999 Television station
Claro Colombia Telecommunications Mobile telecommunications Bogotá 1996 Mobile phones, part of América Móvil (Mexico)
Colombia Móvil Telecommunications Mobile telecommunications Bogotá 2002 Mobile phones
Colombia Stock Exchange Financials Investment services Bogotá 1928 Primary stock exchange
Compañía Colombiana Automotriz Consumer goods Automobiles Bogotá 1982 Automotive, defunct 2014
Copa Airlines Colombia Consumer services Airlines Bogotá 2010 Airline
Corficolombiana Financials Specialty finance Bogotá 1945 Financial services, part of Banco de Bogotá
Crepes & Waffles Consumer services Restaurants & bars Bogotá 1980 Restaurant chain
Cromos Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1916 Weekly magazine
Davivienda Financials Banks Bogotá 1972 Bank
Dinero Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1993 Monthly publication
EasyFly Consumer services Airlines Bogotá 2006 Regional airline
Ecopetrol Oil & gas Exploration & production Bogotá 1921 Petroleum
El Colombiano Consumer services Publishing Medellín 1912 Newspaper
El Espectador Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1887 Newspaper
El Heraldo Consumer services Publishing Barranquilla 1933 Newspaper
El Siglo Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1925 Newspaper
El País Consumer services Publishing Cali 1950 Newspaper
El Tiempo Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1911 Newspaper
El Universal Consumer services Publishing Cartagena 1948 Newspaper
Emcali Utilities Water Cali ? State-owned utility
Empresas Públicas de Medellín Utilities Multiutilities Medellín 1955 Electricity, gas, water, sanitation, and telecommunications.
ETB Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Bogotá 1884 Telecommunications
Fox Telecolombia Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Bogotá 1995 Television productions
FSS Consumer goods Clothing & accessories Bogotá 1987 Sports apparel
GM Colmotores Consumer goods Automobiles Bogotá 1956 Significant General Motors (USA) subsidiary
Grupo Argos Industrials Building materials & fixtures Medellín 1936 Cement
Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores Conglomertates - Medellín 1936 Banking, telecom, real estate
Grupo Editorial Norma Consumer services Publishing Bogotá[3] 1960 Book publisher
Grupo Éxito Consumer services Broadline retailers Medellín 1949 Retail stores
Grupo Nutresa Consumer goods Food products Medellín 1920 Confectionery
HACEB Industrials Industrial machinery Medellín 1940 Industrial equipment
Hamburguesas El Corral Consumer services Restaurants & bars Bogotá 1983 Fast food
Helados La Fresita Consumer goods Food products Medellín 1986 Frozen foods
Indumil Industrials Defense Bogotá 1954 Military weapons manufacturer
InterBolsa Financials Investment services Bogotá 1990 Financial services
Jeno's Pizza Consumer services Restaurants & bars Bogotá 1973 Pizza chain, now part of Telepizza (Spain)
Jet-Set Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1998 Magazine
Juan Valdez Café Consumer services Restaurants & bars Bogotá 2002 Coffee house
LATAM Cargo Colombia Industrials Delivery services Bogotá 2009 Cargo airline, part of LATAM Airlines Group (Chile)
Líneas Aéreas Suramericanas Industrials Delivery services Bogotá 1972 Cargo airline
Manuelita Consumer goods Farming & fishing Cali 1864 Agriculture
Maravillas de Colombia S.A. Consumer goods Recreational products Bucaramanga 1899 Fireworks
Masivo Integrado de Occidente (MIO) Consumer services Travel & tourism Cali 2009 Bus transit
Medellín Metro Consumer services Travel & tourism Medellín 1995 Bus transit
Miguel Caballero Consumer goods Clothing & accessories Bogotá 1992 Bulletproof clothing
National Guarantees Fund Financials Banks Bogotá 1982 Commercial lender
Noel Consumer goods Food products Medellín 1916 Cookies and crackers, part of Grupo Nutresa
Odinsa Industrials Construction & materials Bogotá 1992 Construction
Organización Ardila Lülle Conglomertates - Bogotá[4] 1951[4] Communications, beverages, textiles, entertainment
Organizacion Corona Consumer goods Furnishings Bogotá 1881 Ceramics
Pollos Frisby Consumer services Restaurants & bars Pereira 1983 Restaurant chain
Postobón Consumer goods Soft drinks Medellín 1904 Beverage
Productora de Software Technology Software Medellín 1984 Software
Productos Ramo Consumer goods Food products Bogotá 1964 Snack foods
Quala Consumer goods Food products Bogotá 1980 Food, beverages, personal care products
RCN TV Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Bogotá 1967 Television network
RTI Producciones Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Bogotá ? Television production
Saeta Consumer goods Clothing & accessories Bogotá 1982 Textile brand
SATENA Consumer services Airlines Bogotá 1962 Government airline
Semana Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1946 Weekly magazine
Sofasa Consumer goods Automobiles Envigado 1969 Automotive
SoHo Consumer services Publishing Bogotá 1999 Magazine
Telecaribe Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Barranquilla 1986 Regional television network
Telefónica Telecom Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Bogotá 1947 Telecommunications
Telepacífico Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Cali 1986 Television network
Terpel Oil & gas Exploration & production Bogotá 1968 Gas/oil
TransMilenio Consumer services Travel & toruism Bogotá 2000 Public transit
Vanguardia Liberal Consumer services Publishing Bucaramanga 1919 Newspaper
VivaColombia Consumer services Airlines Medellín 2009 Airline
Win Sports Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Bogotá 2012 Sports network

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