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Pollos Frisby is a Colombian fried chicken restaurant chain founded by Alfredo Hoyos Mazuera in 1983. Frisby was founded more than 35 years ago in Pereira. It started as a pizzeria; however, later its owners decided to finally go into the fried chicken market. Frisby has more than 100 restaurants in 24 Colombian cities.

Since 2006, Frisby has the certification ISO 9000, ISO 9001:2000, which approves that the quality system used in the food's manufacturing and service is according to the food and restaurant's Icontec norms. Pollos Frisby provides more than 1,290 direct positions and 4,000 indirect employment opportunities. The company is also a benefactor to the Instituto Technologico de Dosquebradas, which promotes technical education.


Fried chicken with potatoes and arepas.


The greatest competition for Pollos Frisby is Kokoriko, Pollos Carioca, and KFC.

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