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This is an index of lists of films.

Alphabetical indices[edit]

Lists of films indexed alphabetically by title.

By year[edit]

Main article: List of years in film

Lists of film related events indexed by year of release.

By award[edit]

By revenue[edit]

By setting[edit]

By shooting location[edit]

By country of origin[edit]

By production company[edit]

By genre[edit]

By source[edit]


Based on a special day[edit]

Based on cartoons, comics, toys, or video games[edit]

Based on literature[edit]

Based on myths and legends[edit]

Based on television, radio, music or stage[edit]

By technology[edit]

By topic[edit]

Food and drink[edit]


By actor, writer, or director (filmographies)[edit]

Main category: Filmographies

By availability[edit]

By budget[edit]

By copyright status[edit]

By critical or popular judgment[edit]

By depictions of historical people or events[edit]



By era[edit]

By type of character[edit]

Banned or condemned film lists[edit]

Series and spin-offs[edit]

By creature[edit]

By event or phenomenon[edit]

Disaster and post-disaster[edit]

Short films[edit]


Films containing mature content[edit]


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