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This is a list of the largest megachurches in the United States with an attendance of more than 10,000 weekly, sometimes also termed a gigachurch.[1][2] According to that The Hartford Institute's database, approximately 50 churches had attendance ranging from 10,000 to 47,000 in 2010.[3] The same source also lists more than 1,300 such Protestant and Evangelical churches in the United States with a weekly attendance of more than 2,000, meeting the definition of a megachurch.[4]

As the term megachurch in common parlance refers to Protestant congregations; although there are some Roman Catholic parishes which would meet the criteria, they are not listed.[5] St Ann's in Coppell, Texas, would be near the top, with almost 30,000 registered parishioners in 2013.[6] St Matthew's Catholic Church in the Ballantyne neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina likewise has been described as a Catholic megachurch.[7] with nearly 36,000 registered members in 2017 and 11 weekly masses.[8] Weekly attendance figures may be lower than the number of registered parishioners, and the differences in way the churches operate and the way attendance is counted are given as reasons for not including Catholic churches in lists of megachurches.[3]

Membership numbers of the following churches give only a very rough indication of size. They vary from year to year. Also, some churches report typical Sunday attendance while others report the number who are listed in church records or make financial contributions, which may be higher. Some of the larger churches are multi-site churches. Many churches deliver their message through television or other media, sometimes reaching much higher numbers than those who physically attend the church.


Note that the attendance numbers are often provided by the church itself.

Church City[a 1] State Senior pastor(s) Av. weekly attendance[a 2] Association Multi-site? (No.) Ref
Abundant Church El Paso TX Charles Nieman 12,400[3] Non-denominational
Ada Bible Church Ada MI Jeff Manion 10,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (4+1 online)
Bayside Community Church Bradenton FL Randy and Amy Bezet 12,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (8)
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale FL Doug Sauder 16,000[3] Calvary Chapel Yes (9+1 online)
Calvary Chapel Golden Springs Diamond Bar CA Raul Ries 12,000[3] Calvary Chapel
Calvary Chapel Melbourne West Melbourne FL Dave Folkerts 10,000[3] Calvary Chapel Yes (3+1 online)
Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia Philadelphia PA Joe Focht 12,000[3] Calvary Chapel
Calvary of Albuquerque Albuquerque NM Skip Heitzig 16,200[3] Calvary Chapel
Calvary Community Church Phoenix AZ J. Mark Martin 11,400[citation needed] Calvary Chapel Yes (2+1 online)
Celebration Church Jacksonville FL Tim Timberlake 11,100[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (9+1 online)
Central Christian Church Henderson NV Jud Wilhite 21,100[3] Christian churches and churches of Christ Yes (9+1 online)
Christ Fellowship Palm Beach Gardens FL Todd & Julie Mullins 25,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (17+1 online)
Christ's Church of the Valley Peoria AZ Ashley Wooldridge 35,000[9] Non-denominational Yes (14+1 online)
Christian Cultural Center New York NY A. R. Bernard 32,000[10] Non-denominational Yes (1 + 1 online)
Church of Eleven22 Jacksonville FL Joby P. Martin 12,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (6)
Church of the Highlands Birmingham AL Chris Hodges 60,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (20 + 1 including online)
Church on the Move Tulsa OK Whit & Heather George 11,000[citation needed]
Church Unlimited Corpus Christi TX Bil Cornelius 12,000[citation needed] Non-Denominational Yes (9)[11]
City of Refuge Gardena CA Noel Jones 10,000[citation needed] Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
Community Bible Church[12] San Antonio TX Ed Newton[13] 12,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (at least 2+1 online)[14]
Cross Church Springdale AR Nick Floyd 16,000[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (5)
Crossings Community Church Oklahoma City OK Marty Grubbs 10,000[citation needed] Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) Yes (2 + Online)
Crossroads Church – Cincinnati[15] Cincinnati OH Brian Tome 35,000[3] Interdenominational Yes (13 + online)
Deliverance Evangelistic Church Philadelphia PA Glen Spaulding 11,000[citation needed] Non-denominational
Dream City Church[16] Phoenix AZ Tommy Barnett, Luke Barnett 20,000[3] Assemblies of God Yes (5)
Eagle Brook Church Centerville MN Jason Strand 43,871[17] Converge (United States) Yes (11 + online)
Ebenezer AME Church Fort Washington MD Grainger Browning, Jr. 10,000[citation needed] African Methodist Episcopal Church
El Rey Jesús (King Jesus International Ministry) Miami FL Guillermo Maldonado 12,500[citation needed] Non-denominational/Pentecostal
Elevation Church Charlotte NC Steven Furtick 26,000[18] Baptist Yes (21)[18]
Empowerment Temple Baltimore MD Pastor GJ Barnes 10,000[citation needed] African Methodist Episcopal Church
Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Philadelphia PA Alyn E. Waller 15,000[citation needed] Baptist Yes west
EPIC Church International Sayreville NJ John J. Wagner 10,100[3] Non-denominational
Faith Landmarks Ministries Richmond VA Randy Gilbert 10,000[citation needed]
Family Christian Center Munster IN Steve Munsey 14,000[3] Non-denominational
Fellowship Church Grapevine TX Ed Young, Jr. 24,200[3] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (9 + online)
First African Methodist Episcopal Church Los Angeles CA J. Edgar Boyd 10,000[citation needed] African Methodist Episcopal Church
First Baptist Church of Glenarden Upper Marlboro MD John Jenkins 12,000[3] Converge (United States)
First Baptist Church of Hammond Hammond IN John Wilkerson 13,000[3] Baptist
First Baptist Church Orlando Orlando FL David Uth 16,000[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention
Flatirons Community Church Lafayette CO Jim Burgen 19,000[citation needed] Non-denominational evangelical Yes (Main Campus, 5 satellite, & Online Livestream)
Fountain of Praise Houston TX Remus Wright 11,800[citation needed]
Free Chapel Gainesville GA Jentezen Franklin 25,000[19] Non-denominational Yes (7 + TV + online)[20]
Gateway Church Southlake TX Robert Morris 100,000[21] Non-denominational Charismatic Yes (10 + online + prison campuses)
Germantown Baptist Church[22] Germantown TN Tommy Vinson, Interim Preacher 12,000 Southern Baptist Convention
Greater Allen A. M. E. Cathedral of New York[23] New York NY Floyd Flake 20,000[citation needed] African Methodist Episcopal Church
Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist New Orleans LA Paul Morton 10,000[3] Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
Green Acres Baptist Church Tyler TX David Dykes 14,000[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention Yes
Harvest Christian Fellowship Riverside CA Greg Laurie 15,000[3] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (6)
Healing Place Church Baton Rouge LA Mike Haman 12,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (13)
Hickory Grove Baptist Church Charlotte NC Clint Pressley 11,900[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (3)
Hope City Church Houston TX Jeremy and Jennifer Foster 12,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (4)
Hope Community Church Raleigh NC Jason Gore 15,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (4)
Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) Dallas TX Rickie Rush 15,000[24][25] Non-denominational Yes (1 + 1 online)
James River Church Springfield MO John Lindell 17,000[citation needed] Assemblies of God Yes (5) (4 physical + 1 online)
Kensington Church Troy MI Steve Andrews 11,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (7)[26]
King's Cathedral and Chapels Kahului HI James Marocco & Colleen Marocco 30,000[citation needed] Assemblies of God Yes (360)[27]
Lake Pointe Church Rockwall TX Josh Howerton 13,300[3] Southern Baptist Convention
Lakewood Church Houston TX Joel Osteen 45,000[28] Non-denominational
Legacy Church Albuquerque NM Steve Smotherman 10,100[3] Non-denominational Hampton VA Dr. Grant Ethridge 10,000[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (7 + 1 Online)
LCBC Manheim PA Jason Mitchell 19,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (19 + Online)
Life.Church Edmond OK Craig Groeschel 72,500[29] Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) Yes (42 + online)
Living Word Christian Center Chicago IL Bill Winston 18,000[citation needed] Non-denominational
Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines IA Mike Housholder 10,000[3] Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Mariners Church Irvine CA Eric Geiger 12,200[3] Non-denominational Evangelical Yes (3 + 2 campus plants + 1 online)
Mars Hill Bible Church Grandville MI AJ Sherrill 12,000[3] Non-denominational
McLean Bible Church McLean VA David Platt 16,500[citation needed] Non-denominational
Mount Zion Baptist Church Nashville TN Joseph W. Walker III 21,000[3] Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Stonecrest GA Jamal H. Bryant 10,000


New Hope Christian Fellowship Honolulu HI Wayne Cordeiro 14,500[citation needed] Foursquare Church Yes (>100 + online)
New Life Church Conway AR Rick & Michelle Bezet 18,000[31] Non-denominational Yes (17)
New Life Church Colorado Springs CO Brady Boyd 15,000 at main campus[32] Non-denominational Yes (8 + online and tv)
New Life Covenant Church Chicago IL John F. Hannah 10,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (3)
New Light Christian Center Church Houston TX Ira V. Hilliard 13,500[3] Non-denominational
NewSpring Church Anderson SC Brad Cooper, Shane Duffey, Michael Mulliken, Tyler Tatum, David Hall 20,500[33][34] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (20 + 1 online)
North Coast Church[35] Vista CA Larry Osborne, Chris Brown 10,000[citation needed] Evangelical Free Church of America Yes (5)
North Point Community Church Alpharetta GA Andy Stanley 50,000[36] Non-denominational Yes (8 in Atlanta, and 150 partner churches)[36]
One Community Church Plano TX Conway Edwards 10,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (4+1 online)
Pinelake Church[37] Flowood MS Chip Henderson 11,472[38] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (5)
Potential Church[39] Fort Lauderdale FL Troy Gramling 12,000[3] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (7)
The Potter's House Dallas TX T. D. Jakes 16,100[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (3)
Prestonwood Baptist Church Plano TX Jack Graham 17,000[3] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (2 + online)[a 3]
Quest Community Church Lexington KY Pete Hise 10,000[citation needed] Christian and Missionary Alliance Yes (3 + 1 online)
Redemption Church[40] San Jose CA Ron Carpenter 11,000[3]
Relentless Church[41] Greenville SC John Gray 14,000[citation needed] International Pentecostal Holiness Church
River Church[42] Anaheim CA Dante Gebel 10,000[citation needed] Assemblies of God
The Rock Church & World Outreach Center[43] San Bernardino CA Dan Roth 18,000[44][better source needed] Non-denominational
Rock Church San Diego CA Miles McPherson 12,900[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (4+1 online)
Saddleback Church[45] Lake Forest CA Andy Wood 28,000[3] Baptist Yes (14 + 4 international +1 online)
Sagebrush Church[46] Albuquerque NM Todd Cook 20,000[citation needed] Non-denominational Yes (9+1 online)
Sagemont Church Houston TX John D. Morgan 17,700[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention
St. Matthews Baptist Church Williamstown NJ Raymond Gordon Sr. 13,000[citation needed] Baptist
Salem Baptist Church Chicago IL James Meeks 10,100[citation needed] Baptist
Sandals Church Riverside CA Matt Brown 15,000[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (8)
Sarang Community Church of Southern California Anaheim CA Chang Soo Ro 11,000[47] Presbyterian Church in America
Seacoast Church Mount Pleasant SC Josh Surratt 14,000[48] Non-denominational Yes (13+1 online)
Second Baptist Church Houston Houston TX Ed Young Sr. 23,700[49] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (6 campuses + online)
Southeast Christian Church Middletown[a 4] KY Kyle Idleman 25,940[50] Christian churches and churches of Christ Yes (11 + 1 in development + online)
Southland Christian Church Nicholasville[a 5] KY Jon Weece 12,500[3] Christian churches and churches of Christ Yes (5 campuses and online services)
Substance Church[51] Minneapolis MN Peter and Carolyn Haas 12,000[citation needed] Non-Denominational (ARC)
Triumph Church[52] Detroit MI Solomon W. Kinloch, Jr 14,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (4)
12Stone Church Lawrenceville GA Kevin Myers 17,200[citation needed] Wesleyan Church Yes (8) and 1 online
Valley Bible Fellowship Bakersfield CA Ron Vietti 10,300[citation needed]
Victory Church[53] Norcross GA Johnson Bowie 10,200 Non-denominational[54] Yes (3)
The Village Church Highland Village TX Matt Chandler 10,200[citation needed] Southern Baptist Convention Yes (3)[a 6]
West Angeles Cathedral Los Angeles CA Charles E. Blake 24,000[55] Church of God in Christ
Willow Creek Community Church South Barrington IL Dave Dummitt 18,000[56] Non-denominational Yes (7)
Woodlands Church The Woodlands TX Kerry Shook 18,400[3] Southern Baptist Convention
Woodside Bible Church[57] Troy MI Chris Brooks 10,500[citation needed] Baptist heritage Yes (14+1)
World Changers Church Int. College Park GA Creflo and Taffi Dollar 15,000[3] Pentecostal, Word of Faith
World Overcomers Christian Church Durham NC Andy Thompson 15,000[3] Non-denominational Yes (4)
World Harvest Church Columbus OH Rod Parsley 13,000[citation needed] Pentecostal
World Outreach Church Murfreesboro TN Allen Jackson 15,000[58] Non-denominational

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  1. ^ The "City" column indicates where each listed church has its main location.
  2. ^ Numbers are rounded to the nearest hundred.
  3. ^ Prestonwood also operates two Spanish congregations, one at its main campus in Plano and the other in Lewisville under a facility arrangement with an existing Southern Baptist congregation which has no other ties to them.
  4. ^ Although Southeast Christian has a Louisville mailing address, its main worship complex is within the city limits of Middletown. The governments of Louisville and surrounding Jefferson County merged in 2003, but Middletown and the 82 other cities (apart from Louisville) in Jefferson County retained separate city limits and some governmental powers.
  5. ^ Although Southland Christian is historically associated with Lexington, it moved to an unincorporated area of Jessamine County, about a half-mile (800 m) from the Lexington boundary, in 1981. The church long maintained a Lexington mailing address, but now has a Nicholasville mailing address. Southland opened a new satellite campus in Lexington in 2013.
  6. ^ Village previously operated three additional campuses, in Denton, Dallas, and Plano, but those congregations are now independent; Village plans to spin off its two campuses in Fort Worth and Southlake in the future.


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