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The following is a list of notable companies that provide assistance in self-publishing books, provide print on demand services as publishers or operate as vanity presses.

Self-publishing and vanity publishing are not necessarily the same business model.[1] A self-published author employs a printer (publishing) to operate a press, but retains ownership of copyrights, ISBN's, the finished books and their distribution.[2] A vanity press or subsidy publisher retains some of the rights,[3][self-published source] usually including ownership of the print run and control over distribution, while the author bears much or all of the financial risk.[4][self-published source]

Both models share a common characteristic of shifting risk and primary editorial control to the author; both encounter the same issues of lax editorial control. This differs from the conventional model (royalty publishing) in which a publisher pays an author an advance to create content, then assumes full control of the project and any commercial risk if a tome sells poorly. Also excluded is sponsored publishing, where a company pays an author to write a book on its behalf (for instance, a food manufacturer marketing a cookbook written by outsiders or a hobby materials supplier publishing a book of blueprints).[5]

This list includes only some publishers; it is not a complete list of all existing self publishers or vanity publishers.

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