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Language(s)Irish and English
Other names
Alternative spellingMollie Moli
Nickname(s)Mols Mol

Molly (also spelled Molli or Mollie) is a diminutive of the English feminine name Mary. It may less commonly be used as a diminutive for popular feminine names that begin with M, such as Margaret, Martha, or Martina or Melinda. May be used as a masculine name, but it is less common.



  • Malcolm Molly Duncan (1945–2019), Scottish tenor saxophonist, founding member of the Average White Band
  • Ian "Molly" Meldrum (born 1943), Australian music critic, journalist, record producer and musical entrepreneur


Fictional characters[edit]

In television and film[edit]

In books and comics[edit]

  • Milly-Molly-Mandy from the books by Joyce Lankester Brisley
  • Molly Millions (also known as Sally Shears), from the stories and novels by William Gibson
  • Molly McIntire, protagonist from the American Girl series
  • Molly Moon, from the Molly Moon series
  • Molly Weasley, from the Harry Potter series
  • Molly Bloom, wife of Leopold Bloom in James Joyce's Ulysses
  • Molly Fitzgerald, alter ego of the Marvel Comics superhero Shamrock
  • Mollie, fictional character from the novel Animal Farm
  • Molly Mallard, a Disney character who is Scrooge McDuck's paternal grandmother
  • Molly Carpenter, whose full name is Margaret Katherine Amanda Carpenter, is initially featured in The Dresden Files as a recurring character, but grows into a main role in the novels following "Proven Guilty".


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