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Muthu Krishna Mani
BornTamil Nadu, India
Known fortherapeutics of renal disorders

Muthu Krishna Mani is an Indian nephrologist and a pioneer of nephrology in India.[1] He is a former chief of nephrology department at Apollo Hospital, Chennai[2] and is best known for treating Jayaprakash Narayan when the latter was suffering from renal disorder.[3] The Government of India awarded him the Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award, in 1991.[4] He is also a recipient of the Dhanvantari Award (2011)[5] and the Ravindranath Tagore Award.[6] He has published over 125 medical papers[note 1] and the orations delivered by him include the 2018 Dr. Pathros Matthai Memorial Oration of the Indian Society of Nephrology (southern chapter - ISNSC).[7]


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