National Theatre of Albania

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National Theatre of Albania
Teatri Kombetar Logo.png
Address Tirana
Coordinates 41°19′35″N 19°49′14″E / 41.3265°N 19.8205°E / 41.3265; 19.8205
Owner State owned
Opened 1939

The National Theatre of Albania (Albanian: Teatri Kombëtar) is the main theatre in Tirana, Albania.[1]


The building of the Theatre dates 1939. It was previously a movie theatre. It was later called the Kosovo Movie Theatre (Albanian: Kinema Teater Kosova). The inauguration and naming to Professional Theatre of the Country (Albanian: Teatër Profesionist i Shtetit) occurred on May 24, 1945. Later the theatre was called Popular Theatre (Albanian: Teatri Popullor). It held that name until June 1991 when it was called National Theatre.[2]

In the National Theatre of Albania have been shown unforgettable pieces, interpreted with high artistic values. The following names have been left in the memory of the spectators:



Theatre Directors[edit]




Theatres throughout Albania[edit]

Albania holds other theatres in Vlora, Durres, Shkoder, Fier, Gjirokastër, Berat and Korce

Children's Theatres (Albanian: Teatri i Kukullave)[edit]

The theatre is situated in the center of Tirana. It is to be mentioned that the building used to be serve the Albanian parliament before World War II.

Another professional Children's theatre is in Korçë, under the A. Z. Çajupi theatre.[3]

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