Nerwa Rekan

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Nerwa Rekan sub-district area (Including the villages within the sub district) is 1007 KM with 33 villages. Inhabitants from Nerwa Rekan were forcefully displaced from their villages in 1978 -1979 by the former Iraqi Baathist regime who at the time had signed an agreement with the Turkish government that entailed displacing the villages that lie within 15 km inside the Iraqi territories on the borders between Iraq and Turkey. Concentration camps throughout the Kurdistan Region were built by the Iraqi government to be inhabited by the people of borderline villages belonging to Nerwa Rekan and Doski tribal areas. As a result, the area is heavily depopulated.

The population according to 1995 estimation by the directorate of statistics in Duhok Governorate is 24,373. Today the population would be estimated at around 30.000. Today, the ethnic groups in this area are mainly Kurds and Assyrians but historically had a significant number of Jews.

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