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Octan logo, unchanged since 1992.

Octan is a fictional oil company that has appeared in multiple Lego sets since 1992.[1][2] Before that time, logos of the real-world oil companies Esso, Shell and Exxon were used on sets. The Shell logo continued to be used on promotional sets after that time. In 2014, Lego announced it would not renew its marketing agreement with Shell, under pressure from the environmental group Greenpeace.[3]

Octan first appeared in the (now retired) 1992 sets "6397 Gas N' Wash Express" and "6594 Gas Transit."[2] Since the release of the Octan name, Lego has not signed any further deals with Shell or other gas corporations.

Octan (or oktan) is the Danish word for octane, a component of gasoline.

Octan has appeared in a number of Lego video games. Lego Island for example features an Octan gas station and the company sponsors the race track.

In The Lego Movie, Octan is the base company of the main antagonist Lord Business. His company is the producer of almost all of the commodities in his dominion.

In the Lego set "7747 Wind Turbine Transport," the Octan logo had a new part in it which said Energy, which implies that it now produces renewable energy, not just oil products. Then, in the set 60016 Tanker Truck, the Energy part of it is larger suggesting that Octan is now going green.

In a number of Town and City sets it is shown that Octan has a racing team that competes in at least Formula One, GT racing and rallying.[2]


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